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January 29 - To the owner of the Smithfield Golf Club in Statesboro. Nobody cares about the tr
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… To the owner of the Smithfield Golf Club … in Statesboro. … Nobody cares about the trees around the course. We care about the quality of the greens … on the course. We wish you would spend more time on the greens and less time … planting trees.

I see the president has kept two of his promises out of the thousands that he made. … He … got a dog … and he still takes his wife on a … Friday night … date night … at our expense. … What a great job he is doin'! If he does any better … he can just lay down and do nuthin'!

The Supreme dunces on our highest court have removed … restrictions on corporate funding for elections. Both domestic and foreign corporations may now buy the politicians of their choice. Anyone who cares about our democracy needs to immediately contact their representatives to correct it.

Okay, enough is enough. The blame game is over. After one year in office, it's time Obama took responsibility. Bush isn't president anymore. It's unbelievable that Obama even blames Bush for the Democrats losing the senate seat in Massachusetts. How pathetic.

Can somebody please tell me why the flea market in Statesboro's been closed? … I read in the paper it's because of … the parkin' lot. Other flea markets in Georgia does not have paved parkin' lots. Augusta doesn't. Savannah doesn't. People, get real!

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