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January 13 - To the person who said X is the Greek symbol for Christ: we are Americans. We speak
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Bodycopy:    Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald.
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"To the person who said X is the Greek symbol for Christ: we are Americans. We speak English, not Greek. So, keep Christ in Christmas."

"I think it's time that we all realized that we are in an economic depression. … We keep hopin' that the stock market will come back. We keep hopin' the consumer confidence will rise. But when you're … riding down the road and you see big billboards advertising 'government works' projects … we're in a depression."

    "Thank you, whoever wrote in regarding the X in Xmas. I also learned that many, many years ago about X being a symbol for Christ. So, it is not sacrilegious. And I also think possibly the Romans … used that X also. So, you can just all get off your high horses and learn your history."

    "… If y'all think your dirt roads are bad, you oughtta drive over the crater at the entrance to Foxlake Drive three or four times a day. It'll tear your car up for sure."

    "I was impressed by Sunday's article about Stan Brock's free two-day  health clinic in Tennessee where doctors, dentists and opticians … helped uninsured people. He started by helping people in South America until desperate need in the U.S. was brought to his … attention.  I wish some of our local dentists and doctors … would feel … free or … would … do something like that … here. Just two days of their time. Would be such a blessin' to many who can't afford to get a tooth filled or … other work taken care of."

    "As much as … baggy pants … are sloppy … very … strange-looking, I say leave 'em alone. Let 'em dress the way they want. It's their right. It no doubt looks terrible, sloppy. It is a terrible way to dress. But if that's their mindset, leave 'em alone."

    "… This is a message for all the ignorant drivers out here. It's called common courtesy that when you have your high beams on, you dim 'em when you're goin' t'wards another vehicle. … You … blindin' another driver's only gonna cause problems for that other driver. So, why don't you grow up, learn how to drive and dim your headlights for a change?"

    "This is to the caller that called in about the ambulance speedin', complainin' about the ambulance speedin'. And he guessed that the new speed law didn't apply to them. Well, you're right. It … it … it duhn't apply to them unless you're in the back of it, you idiot. Good day."

    "Reading Soundoff on Saturday … the 9th, I see that there's an article … by Holli Bragg and her … dogs and a response. And there is a difference between dogs and the human beings down in Guantanamo Bay. They call those people down there scum-suckin' pigs. That's the difference."

    "To the caller crying for the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay: none of the hijackers and suicide bombers tryin' to kill us were dogs. Well, not the real … type of dog like Holli cares about."

    "Maybe they should just cancel the rest of the NBA season and … send all the players to Afghanistan … so they can … play with real guns and play with people that shoot back."

    "Don't blame George Bush for the mess we're in. … It started with Bill Clinton."

    "I think Jan Moore should be able to write about what she wants to write about. If you don't like what she's writin' about, just simply don't read it."

    "The traffic engineer … should study the traffic light at Grady and South Main. There are no left turn signals and often only two or three cars can make it through this busy intersection."

    "I was just wonderin' what was up. The government's tryin' to control what we watch on TV by digitalog. Now they wantin' to try to take our antennas away and … and keep us from gettin' our free … TV."

    "Will you people ever get over the fact that somebody who does not look like your ancestors has been elected as president of this country? … You may not agree with all Obama's decisions, but did the president who look like your ancestors always make right decisions?! No! They did not! Stop bein' hateful! Get over it!"

    "Soundoff, you all have not … print my … request in the paper 'bout closin' or get somebody to run the Georgia Southern College. It's nuthin' but a diseased place and they needs disease control over there. And they also need folks over there that will watch the people on the outside … standin' on the outside with drugs. So, y'all will please print that way somebody can wake up and see in Statesboro and please do somethin' for Goodwill … Industrial because they are takin' people money. … Bye!"


    "In answer to the person calling about the land clearing going on on Gentilly Road: I don't know who owns this property … but I'm sure that they've been paying both city and county taxes on this property for years. And I'm sure that you haven't been paying taxes on it. So, if you want to control what happens to this land, you need to buy it and then you can pay taxes on it. Thank you."

    "Well, our congressmen and senators just voted themselves a $5,000 pay raise. They also voted not to give you … a Social sure … Social Security cost-of-living … for 2010 and 2011. That's only gonna cost you $1600 to $3200, dependin' on whether you're single or married. But, it's gonna give them an extra $10,000 for those two years. They're really lookin' after you, aren't they? You better call 'em and complain."

    "Call your congressmen and senators and tell 'em we want Amendment 28, which reads, 'Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the senators or representatives. And Congress shall make no law that applies to the senators or representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.' Boy, wouldn't that be a good one?"

    "To the Greek scholar who tried to give us a Greek lesson in the paper the other day … about Christ and X for Christmas. … I don't need it. I speak English. I'm not interested in the Greek. You put X in the place of Christ in Christmas for one of two reasons. You're too sorry and lazy to write it out … or you're tryin' to take Christ outta Christmas, which is the real reason for Christmas. Thank you very much. That's simple enough."

    "Now that the Republicans are losing favor and the Democrats are coming back into power, are our two state legislators … going to switch back to the Democratic Party? Just … a question for thought."

    "… It's time for the graders to get out. I live on Brannen Pond Road. It needs scrapin' bad. Buie Driggers, Cleary Road … I can't even go see a friend on there. … And Arcola is just outta sight. So, please … give us another present. Get out there and scrape them roads!"


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