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February 15 - Everyday I see more and more trash on the side of the road. Bottles and bags and cig
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Everyday I see more and more trash on the side of the road. Bottles and bags and ... cigarette butts. ... Why are you people? Why are you so lazy?

Reverse discrimination isn't just at Georgia Southern University. It goes on everywhere and it needs to be looked at. But don't ... an ... don't anybody say anythang to anyone about it because everyone seems to be scared of black folk.

Neither rain, sleet or snow can keep the mail away. But, Bulloch County road conditions can. Go figure!

What I find curious ... is the willingness t'wards this newspaper to report on the front page with color pictures ... of the local university bringin' radical terrorists ... to speak. ... Those kind of speakers need an audience ... and this newspaper is complicit ... reporting it through selective reporting. Shame on this newspaper!

This to the caller in Tuesday paper what called about health care. ... What do sweet tea or drinkin' tea in the South hafta do with that?

Evidently, our Bulloch County commissioners do not live on dirt roads. If they did live on dirt road, they'd do a better job gettin' ... the ... public people ... public ... people to scrape them.

... I just heard that this was ... Black ... History Month and I wanna know when is White History Month? ... Thank you. ... Can somebody please tell me?

To the Soundoff caller on like Tuesday ... that said that sales of liquor and beer and wine ... and stuff shouldn't be allowed on Sundays ... at ... establishments that are licensed and they said that ... absolutely not and the Bible says keep the Sabbath holy. The holy ... the Sabbath is Saturday. If you don't believe that, go look in your Bible. The Sabbath is on Saturday.

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