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February 13 - To the caller about the responding about the 1950s-black employee-laughing at them
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

… To the caller about the … responding about the 1950s-black employee-laughing at them comment. … Number one … maybe check your … maturity status because why laugh at someone because they have toilet paper on their shoe? You should've used it as an opportunity to say, 'excuse me, you have some paper on the bottom of your shoe,' instead of laughin' at the person and makin' them feel insecure and demeaned.

Why did Teapotter's Cafe close? … It's a shame. It was good food and … the staff was very nice.

I understand President Obama askin' everybody to tighten their belts and … you know, suck in and do the best we can. But it's supposed to start at the top. … And Michelle Obama is not doin' that. She has 22 aides that's costin' the taxpayers a million and a half dollars a year. Most of the first ladies only had one aide. Hillary had little more than three … and this lady needs 22? I don't think that sounds right. Somebody needs to check into that and tighten their belt.

To all Soundoff callers: please write down your comments. Then read them slowly and clearly … so you don't sound like a … the front … the lot … would … cert … duh … the flea market duhn't … er … duh … er, duh,  mmm, duh, duh, mmm, err, err.

To the person on Lester Road that's complaining of lack of sleep because of noise: buy some ear plugs.

Why do you put so many dots in the Soundoff entries? A period at the end of a sentence will suffice. No need for those dots when the caller takes a breath or a brief pause. Those dots make the message hard to read and understand. And furthermore, a reminder: h-a-f-t-a is not a word.

Why do the people that work for the law … law enforcement office … the … clerk's office … are so rude? It would help if they would put a smile on they face … and … help out with questions that are answered … by the public. … Just because they work … for the … for the people that protect and serve doesn't mean they hafta be mean or rude. … Their superior need to think about who they hire now.

… I'm just callin' … about the … courts, when they were talkin' about the … The Ten Commandments. … Why do they … complain about the Ten Commandments when they are the basis of the law which they judge everyday in the courtroom? It's based on The Ten Commandments. That's all.

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