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February 10 - To the person that was stopped by the local cop at 1:00 a.m. while driving home
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"Hey, that hopey ... changey thing that someone wrote about in Soundoff would work if congress would stop actin' like babies. Both the Democrats and the Republicans ... need to start workin' together and learn to compromise instead of bein' babies and have to have everything ... their way. Isn't compromise somethin' we learned, like, in kindergarten and from our parents? Which apparently they didn't."

"... To the person that was stopped by the local cop at 1:00 a.m. while driving home from the office: sounds like a case of profiling or just harassment. You should have got the cop's name and or badge number."

"This is in reference to ... the kid on Lester Road that is constantly playin' basketball. There are actually people that would like to sleep ... and that do not keep ... the same schedule as you keep with your basketball. ... I think it's impolite if you think that you should be pay ... playing basketball all the time when there's .... That sounds does carry. And also to the guy at Lester Road Condominiums who has the dog that barks incessantly: please shut your dog up. ... It's very rude."

"Take note that Americans have given so freely to the Haitians after their earthquake. ... But the Haitians are so quick ... to prosecute 10 Christian missionaries who are tryin' to help ... some ... some children. ... I ... I... I think it's ... pretty ... hypocritical of the Haitians.


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