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August 31 - I am very concerned about the elderly drivers in our area. At what point does the fami
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I am very concerned about the elderly drivers in our area. ... At what point does the family intervene and take the keys?

Oh, boy! ... We get to go to the museum ... and look at some old buttons again that they found in Millen. ... How long ... is the museum gonna milk this cow? ... Bye-bye.

Oh, well, Nero fiddled while Rome ... burned. I wonder if President Obama took his violin to Martha's Vineyard.

... We pay for ... trash pickup and everythang. ... But people comin' from every neighborhood ... puttin' they trash ... backin' they vans up to the DumpsterĀ® ... puttin' they trash in there. And they don't hafta pay nuthin'. And we hafta pay. ... And I don't think it's right. And they got a ... sign on the DumpsterĀ® says ... 'Do not block the ...' ... but they back up ... in the van and they put it out. TVs ... old chairs and all kinda stuff, they put in that DumpsterĀ®. And I don't think it's fair to our neighborhood. ... I really don't cause we hafta to pay.

It seems appropriate to me that the psychopath responsible for shooting an arrow through the cat's eye should be responsible for the vet bills. Whatever property he has should be sold to do this. ... If Dante is right and there are levels of hell, this guy will be bunk mates with Hitler.

What person at Georgia Southern decided that all students would check in at the RAC? What a waste of time waiting in traffic. Other schools have check-in at the individual residence halls. Get with the times, Eagles!

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