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August 23 - To the caller about First Baptist Church and the solo singer. I, too, am a member an
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To the caller about First Baptist Church ... and the solo singer. I, too, am a member ... and suggest ... that you move your membership if you are offended. But recall the God's ... Word in the book ... in the Good Book says that He looks on the inside and not on the outside.

... I thought that ... four wheelers and golf carts and all that was illegal to ride on the highway. I guess not. The law should be checking on ... on ... 121, Highway 121 goin' t'ward Metter and Rosemary Church Road and ... all ... Westside Road. All these back roads, the law should be checking because that's all you see is golf carts and four wheelers on the road and people about having wrecked because they don't care and they pull out in front of you and ... this is bull. I just think that the law needs to do something about it.

Heard a news commentator last night make a quote that he attributed to President Reagan. ... He said ... "that liberals aren't stupid. It's just that what they know is all wrong.' ... If this doesn't apply to Obama, I don't know what does.

It is Thursday, August the 11th, and I am absolutely ... just in stitches reading the paper on the 'Forgotten Season'. It just reminds me of how silly Eagle fans are when they think they are somethin' special. ... They can't even hold ... the jock strap for Georgia Tech players. ... And they go around talkin' about ... putting other teams down: when they ought to be supporting everybody, including the Eagles.

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