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August 16 - At the very least football practices should be moved to 7 a.m. before school starts
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At the very least ... football practices should be moved to 7 a.m. ... before school starts ... where the temperatures have been a bearable 75 to 80 degrees. ... Difficult? Yes. But wouldn't it be worth it to keep our kids alive? Four have died. How many others have become ill?

Most parents now caution their kids about letting anyone ... inappropriately touch their body. But how many talk to their kids about never touching another kid? ... The 13-year-old ... boy charged with molestation by inappropriately touching a 5-year-old girl ... may have been giving in to his adolescent sexual curiosity. Or he may have serious mental problems. Either way, he has ruined his life and his family may have to move due to laws ... applying to sexual molesters. ... Parents, maybe we need to have both conversations.

If you're a senior citizen, 65 or older ... and ... you have a household income of less than $1,815 a month and you have electric service in your name for your address, go sign up for your $20 senior citizen discount at Georgia Power.

This credit down-grade just proves that the president is not doing his job. ... Yes, I realize he inherited a mess and a large ... deficit, but what did he do to correct it? Nuthin'. All he did was just spend, spend, spend and make it worse.

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