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April 4 - Would someone please tell me why ... gas is $2.54 a gallon in Vidalia and it's $2.75,6,7
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"Well, if you look ... at the bill very closely, Statesboro, you will find ... that in that bill, their health care bill, there is a part that says that they gonna microchip all America, that they can keep up with them for the ... new health care. We're living in the end of time, Statesboro. The signing of that health care bill was another sign of the coming of the Lord.You better get close to God ... 'cause it won't be long."

"Would someone please tell me why ... gas is $2.54 a gallon in Vidalia and it's $2.75,6,7 different prices in
Statesboro? Why are the gas prices so ... different? Someone, please explain that to me."

"The university ... in bad times, which threatens to cancel major programs ... eliminate 17,000 student seats, fire 600 professors ... does not even fund in any way whatsoever its own performing arts center ... and then sponsors Tim McGraw in concert. Somethin's wrong, folks. To the children there, the professors and the administrators, somethin' is badly wrong with this picture."

"The CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, whose company spends more on health care than on coffee beans, says the lack of health care in America is a fracturing of the humanity of our country. Now, finally, we can hold our heads up. Thank you, Democrats. Thank you, President Obama."

"Of all the articles you could ... pick to print on the front page, you chose a piece by an Associated
Press correspondent who is so biased, it's not funny. The so-called analysis was an attack on the Republicans. The back room, secretive, pressure tactics and under-the-table deals by Obama were conveniently omitted from the article. The health care fiasco being shoved down our throat will destroy small business. He didn't mention that either."

"Now that our irreligious and stupid legislators have passed a law allowing gun owners with permits to bring guns to churches, universities and everywhere else, let us pray that the board of regents, churches and private business owners ban them from their premises. Guns everywhere will only give more fuel to a more violent society."

"I'd like to remind Mr. Boyum's listeners this morning that our sweet, little representative John Barrow ... voted ... to install Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house. Remember that in November."

"I wonder what gas station in Statesboro sets the price. Everyone else follows. Maybe we can locate the wholesaler ... for that
gas station and put them on front page news for chargin' the Statesboro
residents too much."

"To the individual who said the Democrats were in charge for the last years of the Bush administration: just remember, he never put the war on the budget. He just spent money and put us in debt. You know, get your facts right ... wake up and admit to the fact that the only reason ... you don't like this guy is because you wanna put 'im under. Wake up, people. The Bush administration left us ... mil ... trillion of dollars of debt. Okay, unreported debt. At least we got on the board now and we can see what's goin' on.'


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