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April 28 - With all the problems we have with drugs and alcohol ... and live-in boyfriends beating u
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With all the problems we have with drugs and alcohol ... and live-in boyfriends beating up on live-in girlfriends and such ... we have church haters ranting and raving about the CIA and the Kremlin. ... Go figure!

I agree with the caller who called in about ... Georgia shouldn't be run by Democrats ... the way California is, as well as the U.S. government. ... California is a great example of what happens when you give everything ... to everybody ... without them havin' to work for it. ... California has the seventh largest economy in the world ... and they're flat broke ... and getting worse every day. ... We don't want Georgia to be next. We have a great state. We need to leave it ... alone.

The Ogeechee River is still not safe. ... Friends are still catching ... fish with sores on them, just like from a year ago. So, the EPD has it wrong.

I sure hope everyone reads Tom McElwee's ... April the 15th letter to the editor entitled, 'My thumbnail history of ... the American left from 1919 to 2012'. Tom is a hundred percent correct. We, the people, haven't paid close enough attention ... to who we elect to govern. We vote for a pretty face, a catchy slogan and we don't fully study the issues or the candidates. ... And to think two of those radicals, Bill Ayers and Angela Davis, were speakers right here at GSU. ... Let's hope that we, the people, stand up and vote this year for the good of the USA ... and get us back on the right track.

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