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April 28 - Well, the Bush bashers got it wrong again. The last two years of the Bush administration
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

Well, the Bush bashers got it wrong again. The last two years of the Bush administration … the Democrats had control of both their senate and the house. So, the two years they spent a lotta money. … It … There was not Bush. You can't blame him for everything.

… Was always taught to work hard so you could have somethin' in life. Then the gov'ment comes along on a national and local … level and takes every damn thing away from you.

Could someone please tell me whatever hap … what happened to the tradition of … the … the jewelry box made by … Lane, I think, Lane Company … for high school graduates. I would like to see some tradition … continue on.

When are the doctors in this town gonna realize that having their wives as the office manager does not work? … They don't care about the patients or their staff … only how much money goes into their greedy pockets.

Beautiful North Main Street with the flowers and homes. … Now we have the big cooking truck parked between the two chimneys that have been there quite a while. It certainly would be nice if the person that owns the truck with the cookin' equipment could park it down behind … the two chimneys that we now look at.

    "… I was readin' the articles in the paper in the past … few weeks or days about the college people bein' allowed to … be in the … city business or … I believe it's the city business. I think that would be great … but only if they pay taxes here, if they buy their tags here and if they are here long enough to be a resident. I think that should be some stipulations. Otherwise, I think it would be fine."

    "I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Cancer Relay for Life. And especially … the faculty and staff and students of Southeast Bulloch High School, who wore T-shirts in memory of a former teacher, Iris Connor Lee."

    "Portal Heritage Society: do you suppose we could … find the funds to mow the Stuart estate? It's lookin' pretty ragged. Y'all never seem to mow it until somebody calls in. Thanks. Have a great day."

    "This is to the person who complained about the … judgin' the Tea Party people. … The Tea Party people are just exactly … people like you except … they think for themselves."

    "In the Wednesday paper underneath Gas Buddy, there is a picture of Barack Obama and he is described as a severely handicapped man … who has became a powerful motivational speaker. I am … deeply offended of this and I hope you are, too. He is our president and we should respect him."

    "One dog barking in Wimbledon. What are you complaining about? We listen to two dogs barking in Old Town 24/7. What we've got are irresponsible pet owners who don't care that their dogs are disturbing others."

    "… I wanna thank everyone who has … make sure the park at Mill Creek has … stays so beautiful. … 'Specially the ground keepers … and they main … maintenance workers. I would like to take this time to thank you so very much for … all your hard work … for our enjoyment. But I do … like to say one thing if possible … to get someone to spray for the bugs at night. The lil' gnats and … mosquitoes … are startin' to bite now at nighttime. Thank you very much and y'all have a great day."

    "To the guy in Thursday's Soundoff who asks where were you … durin' the Bush eight years. My reply is still the same. Asleep, apathetic, under the radar and oblivious. I'm here now, though. Where are you? And, yes, we started complaining when Bush did the initial TARP bailout. And we won't stop until fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market principles are back in action."

    "… I think it'd be real nice to see the county … road department get out and actually take care of … scraping some of these dirt roads, especially when you ride up and it feels like you're … doing a hunderd miles an hour on a dirt road full of bumps and you're only going five miles an hour. Have a good day."

    "This is … this is for the directors of the Bash in the 'Boro. Next time you decide to have somethin' to give back to the community, make it a lil' bit more positive, 'cause that was real negative that … all the activities on down there. … Do somethin' to encourage the young people … and … and do somethin' positive. … Thank you for doin' it, but it … but it need to be … it need to be a little bit more positive."

    "This is Friday, April the 23rd. There's an article … comment in Soundoff implyin' that a person who looks like Bobby Jindal was not allowed top speak at the Tea Party. I know who you're talkin' about. I know him personally. He works for the National Republican Party. And it's nuthin' to do with the Tea Party. And besides, he's a very intelligent guy and I'm glad he's workin' for the Republican Party because the Republican Party, unlike the Democratic Party, is tryin' to end racism in this country."

    "I've been a 'scriber to the Statesboro Herald for a number of years. I read Soundoff every day … it is in the paper. … I am glad to see that another sport fan would like to see the baseball standins in the paper everyday."

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