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April 25 - Our city council and the chamber of commerce need to establish a committee to get a Kroge
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  Our city council and the chamber of commerce need to establish a committee to get a Kroger or a Publix built in the Market District. There are a lot of … people including many students close by and the land is by Highway 67, a major thoroughfare, which would guarantee success of a store built there. Let's get a new grocery store in Statesboro.

I'm the one who complained about the fact that there's no coverage of the TEA Party on Saturday mornin'. I just wanna congratulate … apologize and also congratulate … the Statesboro Herald on the nice … pictorial they did on Sunday on the TEA Party. It was very good and very fine. Thank you very much and … I'll be continuing to watch.

I read in the paper where the school board … had some problems with their funds bein' cut, so now they're talkin' about raisin' our property taxes. Well, Mister … I don't won't my property taxes raised to pay for these new schools we didn't need in the first place. It's not gonna help educate the kids any better. Could've used a lot less money … and gave the teachers a pay raise.

Did you know … that 1969 Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon for the first time … and immediately … he ate bread, which came from the communion? … How 'bout that?

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