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Animals on school campus; Scraping dirt roads; Removing trees; Raise for Congress
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald.
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"I was wondering what the policy is about animals on the school campus. Such as a teacher or a nurse takin' her pet dog to school every day. ... What if a child is allergic to a dog or sh ... the dog has a disease and it gets contacted with the child? I think this is somethin' that really needs to be checked into."

"... In the paper, it said they whatn't scrapin' the roads because it was too wet. Well, what an excuse. Because they hadn't been scrapin' the roads when it's been dry. So there! Tell 'em to get their act together and scrape them roads! Thank you."

"Can somebody explain what is going on on Gentilly ... with all the tree removal and land clearing across from Howard Lumber? And where are the deer supposed to go when their habitat is destroyed?"

"It is immoral that Congress is requesting an average pay raise of 2 percent for all government employees when many Americans are without any job at all. There has been no inflation this year. Also, Social Security re ... recipients are not getting any raise in 2010."

"There was nothing wrong with saying Happy Holidays 10 years ago. But today the phrase has come to symbolize the attempt of non-Christians to censor Christianity. When businesses re ... forbid their employees - Christian and non-Christian alike - from saying Merry Christmas, even when the customer says it first, then our religious freedom as well as our freedom of speech, is being compromised."

"I think the president is bowing to all these foreign leaders not out of respect but because he's so thankful that they're givin' us money so they can spen' it faster 'n we can take it in. ... You'll sure enjoy your higher taxes through mandates through the states and all. And we'll ... soon have one million dollar bills that are worthless. ... Bye."



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