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Screven, Sylvania police reports - Kelly Oneil Thomas, 28, Banana Circleprobation violation
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Sylvania Police Arrests
    Kelly Oneil Thomas, 28, Banana Circle—probation violation.
    Doye Cleven Thomas Jr., 18, Fox Hunters Road—seat belt violation, possession of drug-related object, possession of marijuana.
    Carl Rhodes Jr., 59, Airport Road—seat belt violation, driving with suspended license for DUI conviction.
    Leroy Stacey Sessions, 39, Cutters Lane—driving with suspended license.
Sylvania Police Incidents
    FIRST STREET—A woman said her boyfriend punched her in the face when she arrived home, but no signs of injury were observed. The boyfriend was said to have run after an argument, but he was not located. He has been placed on criminal trespass in the past but she continued to let him stay with her.
    BI-LO—A man reported a stolen lawn mower trailer belonging to the City of Sylvania said to have been parked near the Bi-Lo recycling center while he was away picking up trash.
    LARISCY LANE—An air conditioner window unit was reported stolen during the night.
    TANNER STREET—A laptop computer, checkbook, and keys were reported stolen after someone forced open the front door of a man’s home.
    SYLVANIA DISCOUNT TOBACCO—Spray paint was found on outside wall of business.
Screven Sheriff’s Arrests
    Arthur Jesse James, 31, Brady Branch Road—DUI, failure to maintain lane.
    Willie Floyd Holland, 20, Halcyondale Road—DUI, possession of marijuana.
Screven Sheriff’s Incidents
    JENKINS LANE—During a dispute with her ex-husband, a woman reported that he threw the phone receiver in the trash. When she then tried to call the sheriff’s department, he threw the phone at the dog.
    SWING INN ROAD—A man reported a stolen shot gun and tin box of change, after he awoke to the sounds of someone rifling through his home. Someone had entered through an unlocked front door, rummaged through several rooms and drawers, then left through the same door with the gun and money. A juvenile advised the deputy that toward the end of last year, he had been in the company of some boys in Rolling Ridge Subdivision who were calling themselves a gang, often discussing who had guns in their homes and how they could break in and steal them.
    SWING INN ROAD—A woman reported her purse and wallet stolen from her car.
    JAROD POND ROAD—A woman reported her purse was stolen from her bedroom.
    RED BREAST ROAD—A man said that his ex-girlfriend went into his house and stole a T.V. She also took a computer and an air conditioner unit, but he said that those belonged to her already.
    BURTONS FERRY ROAD—A woman noticed coins scattered on her bedroom floor. She checked for her secret money jar, which had indeed been almost emptied of its contents. Her license and check book were later found missing as well.
    BRYAN’S BRIDGE ROAD—A woman reported receiving threatening text messages even after having changed her number because of previous harassment. One text read that the offender “would shoot someone.”
    MAIN STREET (Rocky Ford)—A woman reported her daughter as victim of child molestation. She makes a habit of setting up a video recorder when she has baby sitters keep her 11-mo.-old child. The sounds of her ex-husband molesting his biological daughter were said to be caught on tape. The ex-husband is said to still live in the woman’s home because of the tough economic times.
    BUTTERMILK ROAD—Someone forced open a door but nothing appeared to be missing.
    PLANTATION ROAD—A truck was vandalized, leaving broken tail lights, back glass, front and rear windows. The windshield was also broken, with damage also to the inside of the vehicle and the radio removed.
    HALCYONDALE LOOP—A man reported men loading a trailer full of his scrap metal. He confronted them, telling them to unload it, but was unable to hold them or restrain them until law enforcement arrived.
    ERIN COURT—Someone entered through the window of a home while a woman was out of town. The offender stole a cell phone, play station, digital camera, mp3 player, TV and a surround sound system.
    SCARBORO HIGHWAY—During an argument, a man and woman damaged some pictures, picture frames, a teddy bear, and love letters they had written to each other. The man was upset because he believed she allowed the children to spray paint their back packs, leaving spray paint on their basketball court.
    4th AVENUE—Someone removed the underpinning to a man’s trailer, while attempting to unscrew gas lines running from his air conditioning unit to his home. He was unsuccessful in stealing the unit.
    JENK HILL ROAD—A married couple got into an argument over another female texting her husband. She was said to have left the home on foot, and he in a vehicle after her. He was reported pulling her hair to get her into the car, and a young man said he had to choke him to get him to let go of her hair.
    EFFINGHAM HIGHWAY—A man was struck with a 2x4 while sitting on a bench. He had no foresight of the attack, and on blocking the third strike, the offender fled. The man was left with a large laceration over the eye, a bruised nose, a blackened eye, and a contusion on his arm.
    POOR ROBINS LANDING (Millen)—A truck spinning its tires damaged two vehicles by throwing up rocks. One vehicle had broken windows and the other was scratched.
    UNION CHURCH ROAD (Newington)—After a woman began having trouble with her car, she observed a brown sticky substance under the gas cap which smelled like syrup. She believed someone to be involved with whom she had had a recent argument.
    UNION CHURCH ROAD—After a woman and man had items stored in a mutual location, she said he removed her exercise equipment and sold it to her sister. Now the equipment is damaged, she said.

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