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Saturday night keg party bust nets 3 arrests, 13 citations
Reports: 3 arrested for illegal sales; 13 cited for underage possession
Jeff Carter - photo by Special

    A keg party on Bruiser Circle came to an abrupt end Saturday after someone sold an undercover Bulloch County Sheriff's deputy a red plastic cup that entitled him to a night of drinking.
    The party hosts didn't know a concerned citizen complained of the keg party in the Burkhalter Plantation subdivision, where 13 people were cited for drinking underage and three men were arrested for illegal sale of alcohol, according to Department of Revenue reports.
    Special Agent in Charge Ron Huckaby, with the Savannah office of the Georgia Department of Revenue, opened the investigation after receiving complaints. Bulloch County Sheriff's deputies Kim Khan and William Simms assisted in the sting by working undercover as party guests, and Georgia State Patrol Troopers with the Nighthawk unit also assisted, according to reports released by DOR public information officer Reg Lansberry.
    Khan and Simms attended the party, where Simms paid $5 for a red plastic cup that entitled him to drink beer and liquor at the party, reports stated. Beer was dispensed from a keg in the garage.
    After the illegal sales (sales of alcohol without a license) were confirmed, agents secured a search warrant just before midnight and broke up the party, finding alcohol inside the house as well as in the garage.
    The tenant, Eric Flake, 23, Bruiser Circle, was charged with sale of alcohol without a license. Michael Cahoon, 20, Statesboro Place Circle, was charged with underage possession of alcohol and sale of alcohol without a license. Jeff Carter, 22, Camelia Avenue, Garden City, was arrested hours later, charged with furnishing alcohol to underage persons, sale of alcohol without a license, and keg registration violation, Lansberry said.
    Warrants were issued for the arrest of a fourth person, and further charges and warrants are possible, reports stated.
    Thirteen people under 21 were cited for underage possession of alcohol and released with summons, he said.
     Burkhalter Plantation is located on Burkhalter Road just off Langston Chapel Road.


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