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Report: Man robbed, beaten, left with no memory of details
Victim found in his apartment Saturday; Statesboro Police investigating incident
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    Statesboro Police are investigating a reported robbery and assault Saturday that left a man with no memory of what happened. He told friends he had been “jumped” by several men, robbed and beaten, but could not recall any details, according to police reports.
    At least one of the suspects apparently tried to use the man’s bank card, and police continue to investigate the incidents, said Statesboro Police Capt. Scott Brunson.
    The victim’s friends, including a girlfriend, found him incoherent at an apartment at The Pointe at Southern, and suffering a cut to the lip, reports stated. However, the victim’s father Mike Jones told the Statesboro Herald via e-mail that his son had to undergo extensive dental repair due to the injury.
    “He was struck by a metal object, a crowbar or something,” he said, adding that his son’s teeth were broken in “a half-moon” shaped impression. A dentist had to remove one tooth broken underneath the gum, and a total of three top teeth were broken, he said.
    “... He has a temporary bridge on his top front teeth,” Jones said. The dentist “had to extract a tooth and there were two others broken that required root canals. The dentist said that the trauma he received to his teeth would have broken any hand if it had hit him. He is saying by the impression left was by a pipe or crowbar.”
    The attack was one of several reported over the past few months that listed multiple offenders involved in physical attacks and robberies.
     Jones said he spoke with a number of students near the Georgia Southern University campus over the weekend who expressed fear and concern regarding the violent incidents around campus.
    The students “said they are afraid to get out at night due to this crime happening so frequently,” he said. “We have many kids from our area (Jones is from Albany) going to school over there and we do not want any of them to go through this.”
    Jones said his son still does not recall details about the attack.

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