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Local artist releases Christmas single
Rap song inspired by comment from daughter
Jason Martin.jpg
Play J Snip, aka Jason Martin, is shown in a Santa hat with his two daughters.

An innocent comment about the meaning of Christmas inspired a local rap artist to produce a song — not your everyday holiday tune, but something different that still captures the spirit of the season.

Jason Martin, aka Play J Snip, released the single Friday, written and produced by Martin, on his own label, King Snip Records.

The song, “Three Favorite Things,” is available for download or streaming on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon and several other distributors, he said.

Martin performs the single, along with help from his two daughters, 7 and 8. It was his oldest daughter who inspired him to write the song when she spoke of her three favorite things about Christmas.

“She said ‘Jesus’ birthday, family and presents, in that order,” he said. “She put presents in there, but Jesus and family came first.”

Martin said he had been considering a Christmas song for a few years, but this past year, “the spirit just stayed with me.”

This is what he wrote:

“To me it's all just one big season

we kick it off with a scare

And though we can't forget the reason

It goes from October 31st to the end of the year 

Now we're just getting started. Excitement is in the air Now that's just the teaser There's magic everywhere.

And at Thanksgiving It's all about family & giving, but to me it wouldn't be complete without making someone else's holiday that wouldn't be. 

I love the feeling of strolling through the stores Christmas music on the P.A. 

As it leads up to the holidays

I hit the eggnog sitting by the fire counting the ways and counting the days 


Three favorite things

Three favorite things about Christmas (2x)

Tell me what you love

Tell me what you love about Christmas (2x)

And to me it's not about whether you say Merry Christmas or happy holidays

Count the ways you're blessed

While counting the days to the day 

It goes from October 31st to the end of the year

And though we can't forget the reason

It's the most wonderful time of the year”

How it all started

Play J Snip is a name Martin chose because it “reflects the playful, wild side of me and the responsible, settled side,” he said. The “Play J” part came first, but he added the “Snip” after being inspired by a character on the Christmas movie “Jack Frost.”

Martin and his friends made a “rap tape” at age 10, but he was too shy to let others hear it, he said. But by the time he reached 17, it was time to get serious. He practiced, wrote, explored, and by 2005, he released his first song through “a label in Europe,” he said.

“It used to be harder to get signed – but now I have my own label. A lot of independents do.”

An independent artist can approach a distributor such as iTunes, who will check for quality. Then, it is up to the artist to promote the sing – word of mouth, media exposure, social media shares, and asking radio stations to air the songs.

Martin hopes his hobby becomes a lucrative career one day; he is currently a videographer with the Statesboro Herald and would like to combine videos with music. 

“It has always been a dream of mine to have a label and a production company,” he said.

With vinyl records, 8-track and cassette tapes relegated to the antique vault and CDs virtually a thing of the past, most music is downloaded, or obtained through the increasingly popular streaming, Martin said.

Artists get royalties when their songs are played, and distributors “keep track of the downloads and streaming and deposit (money) into their accounts.”

But music isn’t all about money for Martin. “It is a way to make a difference in people.”

While he is into rap music as a way to express himself. “I am considering singing,” he said. He enjoys a wide variety of music including classic country and rock.

“Some people think rap has to be hard core, but to me it is just like singing,” he said. “I will rap to any style.”

Born in Mobile. Al., Martin grew up in Statesboro. He graduated from Statesboro High School and attended Ogeechee Technical College.

 He owns Snip Enterprises, LLC which includes an automobile detailing business.

Links to hear Play J Snip’s “Three Favorite Things” include the following:  


Google Play:



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