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We all need to notch back the rhetoric
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      On April, 19, 1995, 168 Americans were murdered in Oklahoma City. Not by people of the Islamic faith but by a person raised by an Irish Catholic family.
      I did not hear or read anywhere about the evils of Irish Catholics, a religion that conforms to the Bible, a book that that governs how Christians should conduct themselves in everyday life. We cannot continue to interlock religion with the evils that people do, there are hundreds of millions of people who practice Islam and have no desire to kill anybody as there are just as many Christians who have no desire to kill.
      On the other hand there are people of both faiths that will readily kill and blame their senseless actions on the faith that they choose. Remember the saying "Guns do not kill people, people with guns kill people." How can this be any different than saying "Religion does not kill people, people who use religion for justification to kill people; kill people?"
      I love this little city tucked away in Southeast Georgia but there are some folks here with views that are so abstract that they are the only ones that can truly feel that what they say has to be right. I have not taken a poll of American citizens lately but apparently Mr. Tom Grovenstein (in his letter to the editor in the Sept. 12 Statesboro Herald) has or he is as usual, making a broad assumption that most Americans feel the same way as he does when it comes to right vs. wrong, good vs. evil.
      In Mr. Grovenstein's letter he states that "he fears that it will take a major shake up to regain any real objectiveness in Washington."
      There was another person some years ago that made this quote. "Taxes are reaching cataclysmic levels, with no slowdown in sight. Is a Civil War Imminent? Do we have to shed blood to reform the current system? I hope it doesn't come to that. But it might."
      If you are not sure who made that quote I will help you out; Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma City bomber.
      It only takes one that truly believes that if you practice a certain religion than you are the enemy and this person may take steps to eradicate the "Enemy."
      If you really want to know who America's true enemy is, the answer is ourselves. Our attitudes, our laziness, our stubbornness, our rudeness, our vanity.
      This can be verified by one simple experiment. Go to any local grocery store and see how many people put away their carts when done and you my friends will see every word aforementioned.
Randall Walker

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