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There should be no place for slander in GOP campaign
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      I have always said, as a former coach, that each race is a competition and not a war!  In the world of team dynamics we always have, what I call "Monday mMorning".
      Having coached a number of athletic teams, I always taught and emphasized the following:
      #1. Work hard Monday through Thursday in preparation for the debate meet, track meet, swim meet or ball game on Friday.
      #2. On Friday, you remain focused on what you need to do and keep your eye on the finish line. Do not worry about your opponent - you run your race - keep you eye on the finish line!
      #3. Win, lose or draw, be a gracious person - regardless of your placement.
      #4. Remember, on Monday we will all be back at the same track, in the same pool, or on the same ball field as a team to once again, work hard, challenge each other to be their best and prepare for the next race.
Sounds reasonable.Right? Would you not agree with me that teamwork and integrity are crucial elements to a real win?
      My heart aches for what is happening in the Republicans governor's race. I went to my mail box to find another piece of mail that discredited the character of a fellow Republican by another Republican.
      Character assassination is unacceptable and certainly is not a quality of leadership! Character assassination signals to me that an individual does not have enough confidence in their vision, so they must destroy the reputation of a good man so they can get elected. This is blatantly wrong!
      I call upon the leadership in the Republican Party to condemn these tactics - leadership from county to district to state levels.
      If any candidate has to destroy the reputation of their opponent to win an election, they are not worthy of any of our votes.
      The numerous slanderous statements regarding the honorable Nathan Deal by Karen Handel are unacceptable.
      When will the voters of Georgia begin to believe in the crucial importance of our elections and go vote?
      I believe it is when we begin to require of our own party candidates to run with a vision, not with a vengeance!
      This is a race – not war! The electorate is sick and tired of the attacks that are unwarranted. This is not the high road of life!
      Who do you want as your next governor? A person who has slandered her opponent or a man who has respectfully kept his eye on the finish line!
      I urge all to vote for Nathan Deal!
      When this runoff election is over, I hope that every Republican county chairman will take the time at their next meeting to address this issue of slandering opponents. It takes the joy and the integrity out of our electoral process.
      Our political Monday morning will be next Wednesday, Aug. 11th. We will then need to start to heal the wounds and clean up the blood in the streets of slander before we can even begin to address our opponent for the November General Election! I am sad.
Linda Parker
Woodstock, Ga.

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