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The answer is 'No,' white Christian race is not under attack
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      “No,” is the answer to the question posed in Mr. Tom Grovenstein's letter to the editor in last Sunday's Herald,  “Is the White Christian Race Under Attack?” 
      Race and religiosity are social constructions, and all social understandings change with time, but white Christians are not endangered. The halls of power remain dominated by white Christians, who tout their religious beliefs and church memberships every election season.
      Muammar Gaddafi’s dreams aside, there is no conspiracy to supplant God- fearing white Christians with God-fearing brown Muslims. There are only individuals and groups seeking to improve the world, sometimes in ways you and I endorse, and other times in ways we deplore.
      There is no attack, there is only change afoot in the form of changing social structures, changing demographic patterns, changing mores and norms. But there has always been change; we need not fear it. Change brought new races to the hemisphere hundreds of years ago. Change resulted in women winning voting rights, and in blacks being treated more equally.
      White Christians continue to remain empowered in the U.S. and in Georgia, as has been the case for hundreds of years. But if we do not succumb to fear, we can all grow and learn through whatever changes the future brings.
Michael Nielsen

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