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Tea Party folks are concerned with socialist direction of America
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  So, what’s up with Tea Party folks?
      First let me invite you to attend a Tea Party so you can find out what is up with them. They are citizens; like you; very concerned about the socialist direction the country is moving towards.
1.    Changing America from a free market and capitalist society to a socialist and welfare state Society.
2.    Changing America from small government to big (huge) government.
3.    Changing America from a self reliance, individualism society to a reliance on government society.
      The Tea Party folks are concerned about the runaway spending that Washington is using to build this welfare state that they know will bankrupt the nation. They see the government moving people from the working roles to the unemployment and welfare roles through the governments failed policies.
      They see the government more concerned about the welfare budget than the family budget. They want the government out of the family budget. They see families in crisis because the family budget is in crisis from all the taxes that have to be paid to support this runaway big government.
      They see the government more concerned about raising taxes on the family budget than cutting taxes on the family budget.

  They see families having to pay Federal income tax, state income tax, local sales tax, property tax, gas tax, cigarette tax and all the hidden taxes on business that come out of the family budget when you buy anything in this country.
      They see the government more concerned about controlling everyone’s lives than finding ways to get government out of our lives. Tea Party folks know this can not be sustained.
      They know we are at the breaking point, and they see a government out of control an unwilling to reverse course. They fear the future for their children and grandchildren.
      The Tea Party folks want the government to start moving people from the unemployment and welfare roles to the working roles. They want much smaller government. They want to return to self reliance not government reliance. They want responsible government that balances the budget and reduces the national debt.
      In short they want to return to our founding principles and stop the socialist experimentation that is bankrupting our nation.
Tom McElwee

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