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Speakers like Angela Davis should be challenged on what they believe
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      I went to the talk given by Angela Davis. Ms. Davis is a curiosity to this generation of college students. They were not alive when she was trying to over throw our federal government. She is a lighting rod for a part of the faculty that controls the agenda at GSU. This was an excellent educational opportunity missed.
      The students were denied an opportunity to study the 1960s and 70s and determine on their own if this was a period of enlightenment, (which I believe the Civil Rights movement was) or a period of left wing communist/socialist manufactured unrest and riots designed to overthrow the U.S. government.
      She and Bill Ayers lead groups that declared war on the United States and used the Civil Rights movement to give their actions credibility. Ms. Davis stated that the Civil Rights movement was under the greater struggle for social justice. Social justice is a code word for a Communist government.
      The issue is not that she or Bill Ayres speak at GSU. The issue is this: They are never challenged about their place in history. GSU should invite them to speak, and to debate their role in American history with others like David Horowitz or Ann Coulter on the stage with them. This would educate the students on this period of history. 
      The university should promote this style forum. Force these radicals to defend their actions against our country in front of the students, raw and uncensored.
      The “student activity fee” money should be used to educate the students, not to give these radicals an un-challenged forum to rant anti-American communist ideology.
      When it is all said and done, the problem is that part of the faculty that promotes a one sided agenda whether in the classroom or these forums, and they have the audacity to call it education.
Tom McElwee

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