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Is Deal to blame for Ogeechee problems?
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Gov. Deal, today I got your flyer in the mail, begging for votes. The flyer stated that you get real results. You sure have.

Thanks to you we have some of the most polluted rivers in the country. At the age of 87, my life has been put on hold, thanks to you. Thanks to you I have not had a clean fish to eat in the last three years and counting. Thanks to you, the two good people that were on the board of Natural Resources that wanted to do something about the pollution in this state were fired.

Thanks to you, I am incorporating a corporation to bring action against you and your cohorts, at the polls. All of this had to be done, thanks to you. By your sending me this flyer, you have let me know that I have gotten your attention. By the way, I am no longer a Republican, thanks to you. And now I am going to get the message out to the good people of the great state of Georgia and see if I can't get some real results, thanks to you.

As I told Sen. Buddy Carter in Atlanta in February 2012, when he stopped me when I was addressing the Senate committee on Natural Resources, and he said to me, "Everybody up here knows who you are." And I told him that they were going to know me even better, after this was all over. I want you to know that, that included you. Thanks to you.

Hopefully after this upcoming election, the Ogeechee River will have a chance to recover, thanks to me and a majority of the voters of the state of Georgia. Just think Gov. Deal, all of the above are the real results of your actions, thanks to you!

Remember the Ogeechee River.

Dump Governor Nathan Deal in Election 2014!

William Joseph Hunter


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