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Congressman John Barrow doesn't get it
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      Democrat Congressman John Barrow doesn’t get it. His recent letter in the March 7 Statesboro Herald points out how out of touch he is with the unemployment problems we have in Georgia and the 12th Congressional District. He stated “President Obama was in Savannah talking about what we need to do about turning the economy around and getting folks back to work. I think the Home Star Program President Obama announced in Savannah is a great start”.
      He also said “Right now, trade policy, tax policy and a regulatory policy system that only regulates American manufacturers and not foreign manufacturers, all work to encourage manufacturers to take their jobs overseas.” He is right. But who caused this over taxing, over regulating of our industry: his Democrat Party and their special interest groups.
      I sat in at the Forum on Energy he held at Georgia Southern recently and heard him say several times “We must get use to paying more for our energy.” He was promoting the Democrat vision of how we should live our lives. Green energy, wind and solar power were what he was promoting.  When I got a chance to speak I said the following “I don’t believe we have to get used to paying higher prices for energy. Just go back to Congress and undo the tax burden and regulatory requirements you have placed on our domestic energy industry and we would have much lower energy costs”
      Lower energy costs means lower manufacturing costs, which means lower prices for American goods, which means more goods get sold, which means more wealth is created, which means business expands, which means more jobs. This is capitalism 101! What is it about capitalism he doesn’t get! What Congressman Barrow is saying is the liberal Democrat mantra. Government programs like Home Star are not the solution to our economic problems.
Government has no business picking the winners and losers in our economy. Only the free market place can determine the winners and losers through what people buy and sell.
      Mr. Barrow, government has two responsibilities under our Constitution, first to protect the American people, and second to protect the prosperity of America. The prosperity of America is free business and the business of America is …. capitalism.
      This desire by the Democrat Party to become a European style socialist government is contrary to every American founding principle. I don’t want to be like France or England. We fought a revolution not to be like them. Mr. Barrow, go back to Congress and vote to drill now, vote no on this health care bill, vote no to the Cap and Trade bill, and vote no to all the runaway spending that your party is responsible for.
Thomas F. McElwee

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