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Complete turnover of incumbents needed in Washington
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      With God’s help, the nation will see the wisdom in the 2010 elections for taking power away from the Democrats and return the power to an enlightened Congress. Note I did not say a Republican Congress. There have been estimates that the Republican members of the House newly elected will be in the neighborhood of 50 seats. Sixty-one seats in the Senate is not out of the realm of possibility – but doubtful. 
      If this occurs it should be noted that we will have still re-elected 90 percent incumbents and the new president will have to contend with that problem. To save America the next president must tackle some unbelievable issues, all of which will not be politically positive.
1.    Obmacare must be repealed and replaced with sensible legislation that will reduce cost, rein in tort cases, provide portability and increase insurance availability for more citizens (perhaps by subsidies.) 
2.    True realistic tax reform must replace our present unfair and outdated Income Tax System. A simple, fair, and efficient consumption tax system is needed – not a VAT tax as some would propose. 
3.    Reduction of the Federal government is a must. Whole departments must be eliminated (Education, Energy, Agriculture, Energy, and others) unless they can show positive actual and measurable value for every tax dollar spent. 
4.    Total number of government employees must be reduced across the board. Salaries must be re-adjusted downward so they are comparable to private sector pay with similar skills. Benefits must be reasonable, equal, and apply to all citizens. (Including all elected officials.) 
5.    Civil Servant laws must be reformed or eliminated. Starting with the Wagner Act of 1935 and the Taft Hartley Act of 1947. Today, it is virtually impossible to fire a government employee under any circumstances other than the commission of a felony, etc. Presently there is no accountability of a government department and invariably each year the departments add new employees. 
6.    Government jobs must have more balance politically. At present it is estimated that 95 percent of government employees are Democrats. Some method to balance ideologies with workers must be found.  
7.    The new president will have a host of other issues to deal with – real immigration reform, tort rReform, fraud and abuse reform, and total elimination of earmarks. Far too many of our tax dollars are being wasted in this manner and very little is done presently to curb the waste. Total national debt must be reduced. 
      Unless the political system can be changed, the new president will have to deal with almost the same kind of Congress that exists today. A Congress that is concerned about its own future employment and not worry about solving our nation’s problems. 
      There is a solution. It is offered by an organization called Get Out Of Our House – GOOOH – and pronounced “go.” Buy into the concept of replacing all 435 House of Representatives with real citizen legislators who are interested only in doing the work of the people and not a lifetime career in Congress. Very little improvement will be made until this change in political culture is accomplished. 
      There is no other way to save our nation economically. Neither Party will do it. So it is time now for drastic changes in the political culture for electing our Representatives. The present way gets us nowhere. GOOOH is the only method:
Neal C. White

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