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Horse reported stolen from Screven County pasture
horse stolen 2
     Horse rustling isn't a common crime in today's world, but Screven County Sheriff's investigators are looking into a suspected horse theft. A nine-month-old bay filly was reported missing last week and evidence points to theft, said Screven County Cpl. Brett Dickerson.
    Owner Brenda Thompson reported the filly - a young female horse - became missing sometime Sunday or Monday, he said.
    The filly  is described as being a light bay (light reddish tan) with a black mane and tail, two white socks on her hind legs and a large, unusual "bald" facial marking - a splash of white that covers the front of the front of her face and spreads to the side of her face, he said. She weighs around 600 pounds.
    Dickerson did not indicate the horse's breed.
    Thompson also said " the horse's right eye has a blue starburst
 if you look directly into the eye," he said.
    The horse was taken from a pasture on Twisting Pines Road in Screven County. " Marks located in the field suggest the animal resisted being taken," he said.
    Evidence suggests another horse was possibly used to drag the filly into a trailer, which was hauled down a nearby logging trail, he said. Hoof prints and other evidence indicated the filly resisted and "sat down" as she was being pulled to the trailer.
    The horse has been posted with, an organization that helps locate stolen or missing horses. Equine and other auctions across Georgia and South Carolina have also been notified of the theft.
    "Anyone offered a similar animal for purchase or trade should contact
 Screven County Sheriff's Office investigators immediately," Dickerson said. He can be reached at (912)-564-2013.
    Thompson was not immediately available for comment Friday.
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