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Former Boro man, wife murdered in Okla.
Police: 17-year-old grandson killed David Garrick
Kyle Smith for Web
Kyle Smith

A former Statesboro resident and his wife were found murdered last week in Midwest City, Okla.

David Garrick, 60, and Rose Garrick, 57, were brutally murdered in their own home by their 17-year-old grandson, whom they raised, according to reports form Oklahoma's KFOR-TV and Internet website

Police arrested Kyle Smith on charges of first degree murder, two counts; arson and desecration of a human body.
David Garrick has relatives in Statesboro, including Don Garrick and his wife Karen; and parents A.B. and Grace Garrick. Karen Garrick confirmed Tuesday that the victims were originally from Statesboro.

News reports in Oklahoma stated Smith used a machete to kill both victims, as well as a family dog. He also video-recorded a portion of the crime scene with his cell phone, which he showed to two friends, Dustin Martin, 18, and Jacob Le Blanc, 17.

Martin and LeBlanc also were charged in the gruesome murders, since they went to the crime scene after Smith told them what he had done, and helped him set fire to the home in an attempt to cover up the crimes, reports said.

A student at Smith's high school overheard him talking to LeBlanc and Martin about the murders, and after police secured enough information for an arrest, they apprehended Smith driving the Garrick's truck that had been reported missing before the murders.

Reports from said Midwest City Police released an affidavit stating Smith admitted recording a portion of the crime scene because he " wanted to make a memory" of the murders.

Videos of Smith being denied bond in front of a judge show him smirking and rolling his eyes.

Former schoolmate and Boy Scout member Ross Neville recalls David Garrick as being "a nice guy who had a great sense of humor.

"This is just shocking to us," he said. He recalled attending Sallie Zetterower Elementary School with Garrick, and remembered his graduation from Statesboro High School. They enjoyed membership in the same Boy Scout troop, he said.

"We loved him. He liked to cut up a little," he said, adding he remembered when the Garricks lived in the Grove Lakes subdivision.

Prosecutors may seek the death penalty in the case regarding Smith, reports stated.

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