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Cub Scouts hold Pinewood Derby
Dens from surrounding area make trip to Statesboro Mall for competition
Guyton Boy Scout troop leader Ricky Daiss lets'em rip during a round of Saturday's Pinewood Derby at Statesboro Mall. Daiss is known as "The Derby Man" for his coordination of Pinewood Derbies all over the region.

Pinewood Derby

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    Ready, set...thunk!
    This is what viewers of the District Pinewood Derby heard as Cub Scouts’ homemade cars raced down the track.
    Cub Scout dens from the surrounding areas gathered at the Statesboro Mall Saturday to watch as their cars raced to see which would be the fastest.
    The District Pinewood Derby is the second race of the season. The first races were local races, and the winners of those progressed to the District race. Winners of the District race will progress to the Council race in Hinesville, according to Owens.
    “The Pinewood Derby is my favorite thing about Cub Scouts,” said Nicholas Owens, a three-year participant.
    His car, an hourglass wedge, was set to race later in the lineup.
    The District race awards cars only for speed, but local race hosts may choose to award cars for best design as well.
    The cars are made from a pinewood block. Nails are used for axles, and the rubber wheels provided must be used. Only graphite can be used to lubricate the axles and wheels. The only real stipulation is the car cannot weigh more than 5 ounces, said Cubmaster Owens.
    “The main idea to make the cars faster is to get rid of friction,” Owens said. “To make wheels and axles as smooth as possible is also important, and weight places is another key factor.”
    Joseph Lomax, a second time winner,  said he was excited because he had won second place in his local race and had just won second place at the District race. He also commented that the Pinewood Derby was a lot of fun for him.
    Joshua Gee, a second place winner was very excited about advancing to the Council race. He was so ecstatic that he gladly offered his autograph.
    “We did test runs on the dining room floor to make sure it was fast,” Gee said.
    Amber Meeks, marketing manager of the mall, said they were very happy to allow the Cub Scouts to hold the District race there.
    “Anything we can do to help them and any youth groups we do,” she said. “The Cub Scouts do a wonderful job, and we are more than happy to help them.”
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