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Old Franklin's North Main site to get a facelift
Jan Moore
Jan Moore

      This will probably sound somewhat negative, but I think you might agree with me regarding my opinion about the northwest corner of the intersection of North Main Street and Northside Drive - the location where Franklins Restaurant operated for so many decades.
      For the last several years, since the restaurant closed and the property was purchased, a once proud Statesboro landmark (home of the world's worst apple pie) has looked pretty bad. The previously thriving corner had become a legitimate eyesore. Frankly, I was thrilled this past Thursday to see that the lot had been sold.
      I called Sam Dipolito, the real estate agent for the property, and asked who bought it. He filled me in on all of the details, and here they are for your consumption.
      According to Dipolito, Savannah based Colonial Oil purchased the 1.497 acre property for $900,000. The previous owner had purchased it in 2004 for $950,000.
      Dipolito said it is the intent of Colonial is to build an Enmark gas station on that corner. "I think they are going to put a very nice facility there," he said. "The plans that I have seen show that the restaurant and office buildings on the lot will be razed. The car lot on the corner will remain."
      Dipolito also pointed out that in years past, a street had existed between the restaurant and motel just adjacent to and north of it. "It is my understanding that Colonial has been working with the city, and that street may be reopened," he said. "I am not sure about the final decision on that."
      Dipolito said it had taken the better part of a year for the deal to finally close. "From studies to engineering, it was a long process, but it is done, and I am very, very glad," he said.
      As you know, there are a few empty properties close to this one, and this will provide a very nice "comparable" for a buyer or seller of one of those. Regardless, maybe this latest development will provide a "spark" for an area that serves as a gateway to Statesboro for many that are traveling east on Highway 80.

     So, until next Tuesday, I bid you au revoir.
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