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John Bressler - Considering Jesus' impact on the world now and forever
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John Bressler

    I brought in the mail expecting only the best of news: a long lost relative has just left me a gazillion dollars, Antiques Roadshow wants to buy my collection of CDs, here's my self-help book, "Playing the Banjo for Fun and Profit," and a request to be a guest of Oprah so I can explain to the world my new book, "Success is Just an Eight-Letter Word."
    I did get a complimentary copy of Time magazine filled with the 100 most influential people in the world. Wow! How were these special folks picked for such a prestigious list and why didn't I make it? I am not interested that any of my golfing buddies respond to this question, and you know who you are: Heeb, Brick, Rouge, Bosco, Shimmy, Boob Boob and Rear.
    From the index, it looks as though many of these highly-touted folks were chosen because of a social networking index or how many people Twitter. I don't think I would have chosen Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher, Kim Yu-Na, Bansky or Sheik Khalifa ben Zayed al-Nahyan. I would have chosen Scott Brown of Massachusetts, consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren, Drs. Schwartzentruber and Kwak, Edna Foa, P. Namperumalsamy and Chen Shu-chu. My picks are easy for me: who among the 100 work for the people, care about the people, sacrifice for the people? How about the ones I did not select? You already know the answer.
    Folks, I could publish a 100-page magazine filled with the names and pictures of people in our hometown who have and will continue to make this world a better place. The most remarkable observation is that they don't know it! These are men and women who give a helping hand, open a door, smile a lot, speak a kind word, pass on some wisdom, obey the rules, keep a promise, leave a tip, drive courteously, encourage, support and are very, very patient.
    Please do not misunderstand me. I admire great athletes and have my own personal actors, politicians, historical figures and eccentrics that get my attention for one reason or another. The fact is that the world exists for one person at a time. That one person interacts with another and that moment in time can be traumatic, exhilarating, fleeting or memorable. One person can change, improve, build, challenge and impact the world. Just think about it!
    Jesus Christ was just one unique person who changed just one individual at a time. To say He was influential would hardly express His impact on the world that was, is now and yet to be.
    Why does He mean so much? Let's use the words of I Corinthians, "Consider your reason to exist, friends; in the eyes of the world, not many of you are wise, not many are influential, not many are wealthy, not many on the social register, but God still chose you."
    But, God, I have never been on the cover of Time, received awards from Forbes or Fortune 500, sang a Country-Western hit or even won a ribbon at the Kiwanis Fair. I am not especially good or  deserving and am embarrassed to admit I haven't seen the inside of a religious institution and don't even believe in you. Why pick me?
    "While we were yet helpless, Christ died for us. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."
    Why wasn't the name of Jesus listed in Time?

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