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Inside Bulloch Business with Jan Moore - What happened to the Victory Lane project
Jan Moore
Jan Moore

      In February 2007, I wrote about an ambitious development in Cobbtown called Victory Lane. Let me spend a few words to briefly reacquaint you with that project.
      Victory Lane was proposed to be a one of the most unique residential developments in the country to be built on what had been the 3,000-acre Beaver Creek hunting club and lodge.
      The plans included a four and a half mile road course and FAA approved airport, an 18-hole golf course, fishing and recreational lakes, a lakeside clubhouse, spa and fitness facility, and a 1600 acre nature preserve with equestrian facilities.   Without a doubt, this would have been a homerun for Tattnall County.
      Many of you may already be aware that the project never came to fruition, and in fact, the property purchased by Victory Lane Financial Elite, LLC was foreclosed upon and taken back at the courthouse steps by the primary entity that loaned the money to the developers. In addition, there have been lawsuits filed between the developers of Victory Lane and its investors.
       When I went to the development in 2007, the racetrack had been cut in, plots for homes marked, and plans underway. Tattnall County was expecting an influx of extremely wealthy vacation residents that would bolster the economy. In retrospect, that was the height of optimism of what could be.
      At its onset, Victory Lane was the vision of Patrick Costello, a successful contractor of high-end custom homes in Colorado resort areas and an avid race car enthusiast. He said that he wanted Victory Lane to be a place for families to enjoy themselves, to have that valuable time together.
      Ambitious, but given the downturn in the economy, and the collapse of the real estate market, was the project misplaced or just mistimed?
      As an objective observer, I would argue a little of both. While a beautiful piece of property, it wasn't convenient to the racing crowd and high end racing car collector. We aren't south Florida, we aren't Europe, and we're not California.
      Surely, timing couldn'thave helped, or for that matter, been any worse. Had this project been attempted in the absolute best of times, who knows. When I stood on that "carved in" racetrack in 2007, I believed, or at least wanted to. It was Disney World for racing buffs, and since Disney World was constructed on Florida swampland and thrived, why not Victory Lane.
      As for the folks that sold the land to the principals of Victory Lane, well, they are now the operators of the Beaver Creek Lodge just east of Twin City. Tune in next Tuesday, because we are going to talk about the "new" Beaver Creek.   Let me just tell you from the "get-go," aside from somebody shooting game for you, it is everything you could want in a hunting lodge. And yes, it is in our backyard.

      So, until next Tuesday, I bid you au revoir.
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