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Inside Bulloch Business with Jan Moore - 'Wedding Walk' another good economic sign
Jan Moore
Jan Moore

      Sometimes, it's all about having fun, and from what I can tell, this year's Statesboro Bride Wedding Walk was a ton of fun for those that attended and those who staged the event, as well.
      This past Friday, the Downtown Statesboro Development Authority Held its second annual wedding walk, and it was a huge success according to the event's coordinator Shannon B. Edwards.
      "Over 30 vendors participated, and our estimate is that more than 250 attended the event," Edwards said. "It began at the Quality Inn with vendor displays in the ballroom, and then moved to the Averitt Arts Center for cocktail hour and a bridal fashion show. The theater was full, and everyone was enjoying themselves."
      I was very glad to hear that the participation for this year's event increased so much.
      I am a believer in discretionary income spending as a bell weather for the economy (remember the Promdicator). According to Edwards, these brides came ready to make plans.
      "Specifically, brides wanted to see what was available to them in Statesboro," she said. "We heard over and over again that they wanted to able to spend and plan locally, and frankly, many were very surprised at all Statesboro does have to offer. The vendors did a great job."
      Edwards and her committee did not rely solely on social networking to get the message out to their prospective audience.  They employed what some marketing experts have coined as "gorilla marketing" tactics. They engaged brides-to-be and marital hopefuls on their home turf.
      "A few days before the event, nine girls, including myself, dressed up in bridal gowns and got on the Blue Goose bus," she said. "The bus took us to restaurants all around town and the university, and we handed out flyers to the wedding walk. The response was very, very positive, and we saw a lot of university students there on Friday night. Many of them are engaged, or thinking about getting married, and this was just perfect for them."
      You see, hopes springs eternal. In the face of daunting statistics regarding the stability of marriage in this country, many young women still want to get married, and are ready to enjoy all of the planning that goes with that.
      Hats off to the DSDA for continuing to reach out to our community with fun, enjoyable events such as this one that benefit our local economy.
So, until next Tuesday, I bid you au revoir.

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