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Fun with the Family with Julie Lavender - Yellow buses, sharp pencils, green punch
Julie Lavender
Julie Lavender

      In just a few hours, the roads of Bulloch County will become dotted with large yellow buses in the early morning hours. School bells ring again! Make this a memorable school year for your family. Celebrate good grades with ice cream, completed projects with doughnuts, and new friends with a soda. Celebrate each day this school year as a special gift with your family and loved ones. Make memories that will last a lifetime with some of the calendar celebrations below or create your own to fit your family.
      National Catfish Month - Take the family for one last fishing trip before school starts. See if you can catch a whiskered fish on your line. And, speaking of fish with whiskers, think of other compound words that combine two words to make a brand new word. Draw silly pictures of a ball shaped like a foot, a rainstorm inside the head for a brainstorm, or an insect with wings made of butter. One website lists more than two thousand compound words! How many can your family think of?
      Air Conditioning Appreciation Week - With the weather we've had in the ‘boro this month, this celebration is a must! Go for a walk on a steamy evening, then come inside and appreciate the coolness of your home. While relaxing in the coolness, do a fun craft project: make a fan using craft foam and a large wooden craft stick. Decorate the fan with foam cut-outs, markers, or shells and breads.
      Kool-Aid Day - How many quarts of Kool-Aid did your family drink this summer? Add fruit juices to Kool-Aid to make punch filled with much-needed vitamins. Try this recipe with any flavor of Kool-Aid: one quart of pineapple juice, one quart of orange juice, two packages of Kool-Aid (lemon-lime is a good choice), one teaspoon of almond flavoring, enough water to finish making a gallon, and sugar to match your taste. Sip on punch to cool down or make finger-sandwiches together to couple with the punch and have a delicious tea party..
      Wiffle Ball Day - Celebrate the anniversary of this invention with a rousing game of backyard wiffle baseball. You can even keep cool by filling plastic bowls with water and using them for bases. Players wear water sandals and are required to step into the bowls of water rather than touch bases.
      National Punctuation Day - Since school is just hours away, get your brain in gear with this holiday. Look through the newspaper to find many forms of punctuation. Find commas, exclamation points, quotation marks, hyphens, periods and apostrophes. Where would we be without these tiny dots and dashes? Try rewriting a paragraph without any punctuation marks and see how difficult it is to read it! Celebrate the wonders of punctuation with a party. Use stick pretzels dipped in cream cheese or frosting to create some of the marks you found in the newspaper
      Though the calendar (and temperature!) belies the fact that summer is over, ask any child and he or she will tell you the summer of 2010 is gone forever. If you missed any summertime opportunities, like a trip to the beach or a family watermelon cutting, add those things to your to-do list before the calendar officially announces the end of summer. Start the school year off with incredible family fun and make tons of August memories to treasure!

      Statesboro native Julie Bland Lavender celebrates with husband David and children Jeremy, Jenifer, Jeb Daniel, and Jessica.

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