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Civic-minded students
W L Colton Animal
Colton Rollins is shown making a run to the animal shelter with supplies. - photo by Special
Statesboro High Spring Senior Projects

‰ Samantha Walker: I am exploring the affects of the nursing shortage. I have volunteered at EGRMC to experience a Day in the Life of a Nurse.
‰ Audra Motes: The Ins and Outs of Foster Care. I Participated with Bulloch County Child Abuse Council on April 14, 2009.
‰ Rashad Lee: The Positive Effects of After School Programs on the youth of America. Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, helping students with homework assignments.
‰ Stephan Davis: Steroids in sports. I will go class-to-class and hand out surveys and present a PowerPoint presentation to Health and P.E. classes.
‰ Mario Lawson: The Benefits of extracurricular activities. Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club. Helping students with homework assignments.
‰ Ryan Rigdon: Nuclear Weapons and energy. For my product I'm going to form a PowerPoint presentation along with a tri-board to show pictures of my topic.
‰ Meghan Cassedy: Breast Cancer and the hereditary factors. I raised money and got involve in the Relay for Life at the Ogeechee Fair Grounds.
‰ Austin Oglesby: Music Affecting Child Behavior. I presented different genres of music, noting children’s’ behavior in Pre-K Class.
‰ Brandi Davis: The benefits of special need children participating in after school programs. I will volunteer with some of the special needs children at local elementary schools.
‰ Caitlin Brister: Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise. Tracked my progress over two months of exercising.
‰ Mary Beblowski: Organizations Helping Children in Third World Countries. I'm hosting a 5K Run/Walk on May 16 at 9 a.m. at GSU RAC for Mustard Seed.
‰ Diana Moore: Effects of having an autistic child in the home. Volunteering and helping out with the Special Olympics.
‰ Kirtisha Walker: Problems/ difficulties of being a teen parent. Email teachers and churches to donate maternity clothes for students.
‰ Nic Scott: The causes of rising obesity. My product shows an average male’s diet and compares it to a “healthy” diet.
‰ Tiffany Herrington: Increasing rate of HIV/AIDS cases among black women and teens. Start a Family Circle discussion group to educate my peers about the issues.
‰ Victoria Smith: How you benefit from self-defense. Teach a 1st grade class at Trinity Christian about how to avoid and recognize child abductors and child molesters.
‰ Dallas Cox: The Physical and Mental Benefits of Music Therapy; my product is performing musical selections for local nursing home patients.
‰ Sa’ra Williams: The effects obesity has on children. I compare the different kinds of food children should eat and share with my church.
‰ O’Neal Wilson: Social Issues Related to Tattoos. Polling business for information/Sharing information with a health class.
‰ Sean Roberts: Technological Advances in Automobiles; working on automobiles noting differences in newer cars and present to automotive class.
‰ Eric Jones: Changes in the stock market; Brochure for buying/selling stocks presented to business class.
‰ Ethan Holt: Issues related to Gun Control; sharing gun safety information with a youth group at church.
‰ Timothy Brown: Teen Obesity. I am going to create healthy food choices menu for teens and present to the culinary arts class.
‰ Marcus Houston: Hazards of Smoking-poster campaign against smoking to display on campus.
‰ Josh Santiago-Velez: How technology has changed education?  Created a CPU for personal use.
‰ Rosa San Juan: Impact of Immigration on US Economy; Power point presentation to a Business class at SHS.
‰ Andrea Childers: Hate Crimes Against Homosexuals; Poster campaign and presentation to psychology class.
‰ Mario Jackson: Money Management in Recession; Seminar at local church about ways to save money.
‰ Lisa Rambert: Type II Diabetes; Speaking to the African-American Community about Type II Diabetes and creating brochures with information about diabetes and prevention.
‰ Loquacious Collins: Common Causes of Teenage Pregnancy. Gather a group of pregnant teenage girls and share my experience and gather maternity clothing for the teens.
‰ Jacquavias Roberson: Effective ways to reduce drunk driving; Present PowerPoint to SHS Health class and design an informative brochure.
‰ Destinie Larkin: Effects of schizophrenia on the victim and society; present a PowerPoint to the Psychology class and design a brochure for Pineland.
‰ Jordan Hendrix: Some effects and consequences of check fraud. I demonstrated how easy it is to alter a check and rewrite it for a business class.
‰ Tybee Smith: Animal Cruelty; for my product I did a PowerPoint and volunteered at the Statesboro Humane Society.
‰ Berniesha Cooper: Thyroid Cancer's emotional and physical effects on the body. For my product I will develop a PowerPoint and Brochure.
‰ Chasity Hill: The Nursing Industry. My product is a PowerPoint and brochure.
‰ Parker Wynn: The Effects of Extracurricular Activities on Academic Achievement. I talked to some middle school students about the benefits of extracurricular activities.
‰ Akena Jenkins: Effects of teenage depression. My product will be a survey and by doing a survey, this will show how many teens are experiencing depressions.
‰ Garryontis Pearsall: Racial Discrimination within the Workplace. I plan to talk to a business class about the effects of racial discrimination within the workplace.
‰ Derrick Grant: How steroids affect athletes?  I will give an overview of the affects on the human body to health class.
‰ Jacob Tremble: Issues of Teen Suicide. To help and inform teenager with other options available for them through a brochure.
‰ Brian Quill: International Adoption vs. Domestic Adoption. I worked at a foster community in Baxley. We helped fix up a house and did yard work.
‰ Teresa Williams: Childhood Obesity. I plan to visit a child healthcare facility and make a pamphlet of ideas and basic information to help stop this issue.
‰ Calvin Johnson: Issues Related to Homosexual Teens. Help troubled teens feel more comfortable about themselves by starting a support group.
‰ Imona Lester: Obesity in Teens. I will be comparing ways to lose weight through medical, physical, and dietary needs.
‰ Brittany Mikell: Treatments for Autism. For my product, I have volunteered at two community events, which involved children with special needs.
‰ Shnay Lester: Teen Suicide. Causes, Prevention, and Raising the Awareness of Teen Suicide. I am giving a survey about suicide and presenting it to my church.
‰ Jack O'Malley: American Obesity. My product will be volunteering in a PE class at LCEM.
‰ Deambre’ Jones: Forensic Science Technology changing cold case files. My product is a commercial showing what I have seen shadowing a forensic science expert.
‰ Erika Angeles: Problems ESOL parents face when trying to communicate with teachers/school staff. My product will include translations of English publications into Spanish.
‰ Willie Burden: Nuclear weapons affecting warfare today I created a ten-question survey for civilians/ military personnel. The results will be used in final presentation.
‰ Jessica Kirkland: The Importance of Foster/Adoptive Parents. I promoted foster/adoptive parents by speaking on the panel for Bulloch County DFCS at their annual Impact Orientation.
‰ Sarah Deal: The effects of radiation/chemotherapy on cancer patients; I will make “faith” bags filled with various items and deliver them to different oncology centers.
‰ Chris Graham: The effects on children without father figures; I will volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club to be a role model to kids.
‰ Austin Peebles: Steroids and how they affect Athletes. I produced a survey for my product to share with the baseball team.
‰ Susanna McKee: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness & Prevention. My informative DVD will be presented to health classes.
‰ Walt Wray: Amateur fishing. I tested lures and developed a chart to help rookie anglers.
‰ Andrew O’Brien Jr.: Effectiveness of Gun Control. I took a Hunters Safety Course in order to find out how to stay safe when handling a firearm.
‰ Jackson Smith: The History of Broadway: The Golden Age and Today. I sang in the musical “Into the Woods” and a fundraiser for Mill Creek Elementary.
‰ Stephone Stewart: Negative Influences in Media; I will visit the preschoolers of Statesboro High to see how they respond to positive music.
‰ Justin Murphy: Limitations on Purchasing a Firearm; I did a short survey about ownership of firearms that I am going to present to my classmates.
‰ Jaqueta Davis: Organ donation. My product will be a commercial that I will broadcast at school to let my fellow students know how important it is to donate.
‰ Kendra Murray: Cervical cancer and how to prevent it. My product is a power point presentation to a group of teens at my church.
‰ Robert Byrd: Drinking and Driving. I’m going to tell the health students at Statesboro High school about drinking and driving.  
‰ Ty Cooper: Effects of Diabetes-cooking a meal for diabetic patients.
‰ Kierra Brunson: The Amber Alert. I will get parents to register children with identikit program through the Police Department.
‰ Nicholas Hunter: Water Pollution. Visit water waste treatment plant and present to Science class.
‰ Chris Mobley: Water Pollution. Make pamphlet for science class and create a survey to share with class.
‰ Nicholas Smith: Issues facing Single Parents; I organized discussion/support group for single parents.
‰ Robyn Thomas: Media’s Influence on Teen Body Image; I created a survey for homerooms and I will share information with statistics class.
‰ Kacci Willow: Dieting; I am comparing/charting different weight loss program to share with culinary arts class.
‰ Meghan Andrews: The Effects of Mass Media on the Body Images of Women. My product is a fun and engaging presentation to different classes, showcasing women of various body types, colors, and heights.
‰ Owen Attaway: The Late Effects of Cancer. My paper was on the late effects of treatment on children with childhood cancer. I did a fundraiser for St. Judes Research Hospital.
‰ Matt Campbell: My research involved the effect of organized sports on children. I coached a youth soccer team for my product.
‰ Olivia Chester:  Manners for the technological age. I created a curriculum on manners designed for pre-adolescent girls. The curriculum included three different one-hour sessions at Mill Creek Elementary.
‰ Marquell Cooper: The effect on the body when using the Nintendo Wii. The video shows how people feel when using the Wii and that the Wii can help your body and build up your stamina.
‰ Dustin Durrence: Effects and procedures of Georgia forestry. I researched tree and land management. I am using what I learned to develop family land.
‰ Jonathan Coleman: The Fight Against Terror. I have worked with the school safety board to make my school safer.
‰ Millie Fortner: Tattoos and Their Effects on Job Opportunities. I created and presented a brochure for Statesboro High’s Business Leaders Club.
‰ Roquell Gamble: The effect of group homes, foster care, and adoption on children. I am hosting a benefit banquet for Joseph’s Home for Boys. The guest speaker will be DeAngelo Tyson.
‰ Fredrick Tremain Hagan: Topic: The Fatherless Children Trend. I will host a round table discussion May 3 at The Body of Christ Church to introduce the epidemic of fatherless children to other young men.
‰ Aviel Jones: The Effects of Rap Music on Teens. I have created a positive rap song recorded on a compact disc.
‰ Demetrius Key: How Eating Habits Affect Teens. I have developed a survey to let kids know how correctly they’re eating and exercising. Kids that attend the Boys & Girls Club: Teen Center will take my survey on Monday, May 4, 2009, between 4:00 & 4:30 p.m.
‰ Roberto Leon: Violence in Video Games and how it affects a Teen’s Mind. I will present a brochure to a PTO meeting at an elementary school.
‰  Jamaal Mathis: Importance of Tracing your Family Roots. My product will be a brochure on ways to go about searching your family history. I will put them in offices and other places.
‰ Rashidah Phillips: Texting while Driving. I am presenting a personal experience to my youth group at church.
‰ Arpita Patel: Benefits and Downsides in Arranged Marriages vs. Love Marriages. I have experienced more about different cultural marriages than I already was. I want younger teenagers understand the connections and differences about cultural marriages.     
‰ Coley Pope: Domestic Violence Against Women/Importance of Women’s Shelter. I have contacted businesses and people to donate money, clothes, and toys. Pope Construction is in the process of donating a trailer and a new shower.
‰ Qua Rembert: Procreation of African American Dances. I will present a video depicting different African American dance styles from beginning to now at GSU’s R.A.C.
‰ Colton Rollins: Puppy Mills. My senior project focused on puppy mills, and what we can do to avoid and stop them. I have been volunteering at the animal shelter.
‰ Tanzeela Tabassam: Challenges of Being Non-American in America. I will present a PowerPoint to ESOL classes at SHS.
‰ Ross Brandon Waters: The Physical and Emotional Effects of Cancer on a Patient. My product was raising money, telling the public about cancer, and ways to prevent it.
‰ Josh Williams: Supraventricular Tachycardia. I created a brochure for several doctors’ offices to include information on Supraventricular tachycardia.
‰ Katie Winskey: Inclusion in the classroom and teaching techniques that make learning easier for autistic students. I created a Social Story that describes an everyday social situation and prepares autistic students for an upcoming activity. I have worked with an autistic student at once a week.
‰ Airion Britt: The importance of religion. Along with four church elders and ten members of my youth group, I built a wheelchair ramp for a church member.
‰ Reggie Bryd: The emotional effects of a soldier's deployment on his family. I created a video of a soldier's family telling how they feel now that their soldier has been deployed.                               
‰ Ashley Cartwright: The importance of service dogs for people with special needs. I organized a car wash to raise funds for “STIRRUP SOME FUN”, an equine therapy group in our area.                           
‰ Kwangsoo Choi: The effects of Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy. I created a brochure that explains this illness and distributed copies to a church and hospital.
‰ Patricia Diaz: The emotional difficulties facing special education students. I am making a brochure that informs students about the needs of their special education classmates.
‰ Amanda Dockray: People should adopt from shelters rather than breeding. I fostered a dog from the Human Society and eventually adopted him. I also volunteered at adoption events.
‰ Trey Elerson: The effects of extracurricular activities on academic performance. I did interviews in the community and I attended a fundraising event for FIRST TEE of Augusta.
‰ Abigail Harris: The complications of feeding a person suffering from celiac disease. For my product, I organized a local Celiac support group.
‰ Patrick Jenkins: How after-school programs benefit the community. I will participate in some of the after-school activities and will show the students a PowerPoint.
‰ Robert Kirkland: The causes of homosexuality. I will share the results of my research my citizenship class and will participate in a fundraiser for a local organization.
‰ Justin Lane: The emotional effects of trauma on emergency            responders. I plan to create a manual that addresses the issue of stress and give ways for the EMT’s to deal with the effects of trauma.
‰ Q'Darro Lundy: Lowering the drinking age to the age of eighteen. I will send letters to the governor, our representatives, and senators to explain why I believe the drinking age should be lowered.
‰ Guymel McCoy: The effects of gambling on society. I will create a brochure that explains the characteristics of a gambler and will share this with my first block class.
‰ Nicholas Pugliano: The effects of the “Y Generation” on the workforce. I will create a web site that has links and blogs regarding what employers are looking for.
‰ Tim Robinson: The benefits of after-school programs. I created a brochure showing the benefits of after-school programs.
‰ Jeremy Scott: The use of steroids and how they affect society. I will create a PowerPoint explaining the effects of steroids and will have it playing in the media center.
‰ Joshua Sutcliff: The cognitive effects of music on the mind. I tested six teachers using a standard IQ test while many genres of music were played.  
‰ Victoria Swan: Eating disorders. I created a tri-board display and used a video to speak to my health class at school about eating disorders.
‰ Victor Sweet: The history of the Ku Klux Klan. I made a tri-board display to share with the SHS faculty and students that shows how far the civil rights movement has come in the past century.
‰ Mariah Voiselle: The effects of ovarian cancer. I have created a brochure that raises awareness about ovarian cancer and gives the basics women should know.
‰ Jennifer Woodley: Hazing in Fraternities and Sororities. I created a PowerPoint to share with the senior class to warn them of the dangers of hazing before they go to college and join an organization.
‰ John Hunter Bowen: The musical ear: heredity or acquired? I have set up a series of free guitar lessons for two students, which will measure their learning style.
‰ Jonathan Byington: The value of video games in education. I will create a PowerPoint detailing several different games and their potential in the classroom.
‰ Emily Cannady: The effect of arts in schools. While in a preschool class, I played music and led a craft activity to monitor behavior.
‰ Leanne Dannacher: Does the US have an ethical responsibility to help foreign nations ridden with poverty? After speaking to several groups, I got sponsorships for six children in poor countries.
‰ Spencer Dutton: The effects of a single parent on kids' behavior at the school. I organized a spaghetti dinner, with the help of the culinary arts department at SHS, to raise money for single mothers.
‰ Gerald Fry: The effects of technology on communication. I created a PowerPoint presentation addressing the issues of communicating through technology.
‰ Jordan Gunter: Classical music exposure to the developing mind. I gathered information and presented both recorded and live music to teachers, students, and pre-schoolers.
‰ Danielle Gusby: The effects of sexual abuse. I composed a song relating to sexual abuse, to be performed in front of a group of students.
‰ Elizabeth Hall: How Hip-Hop affects the portrayal of African-Americans to other races. I created a PowerPoint that speaks about  having positive role models and not adhering to negative stereotypes.
‰ Bonnie Hanna: The positive influences of Pop Culture on our society. I have hosted several bake sales at school and the local farmer's market to raise money for military care boxes.
‰ Caroline Henderson: The benefits of collaborative arts education. I organized a collaborative arts concert at GSU, which highlights music, visual arts, poetry, theater and dance.
‰ Bridget Johnson: The effects of pregnancy on teen mothers. I have a booklet and PowerPoint to share with my peers and teachers at SHS.
‰ Colin Kasay: Comparison of Christianity to other world religions. I created a presentation showcasing the world religions for my youth group at church.
‰ Carolyn Lee: Ancestry:  The lack of knowledge in the African-American community. I created an information video to stream on Facebook, which shows how to use local resources to find your ancestors.
‰ Rebecca Li: The effects of a child's chronic illness on his/her family. I have devised a way where the sick children and their siblings can spend time with each other with a good book.
‰ Maria Lindsey: Social skills for at-risk students. I tutored special education students at an alternative school.
‰ Jessie Mooney: Disney films and society. I compiled pictures, text and video that follow the evolution of the Disney heroine.
‰ Elizabeth Morris: The conflict of gender and biological sex. I prepared a tri-board presentation about gender issues to share with my AP psychology class.
‰ Evan Morris: The social relevance of the novel Fahrenheit 451. I created a song and video presentation to show how Bradbury's novel is an accurate reflection of our society.
‰ Amanda Oren: The effects of standardized assessments. I created a PowerPoint containing research from my paper to share with faculty and students of SHS.
‰ Ashley Price: Animal cruelty and abuse. I created a book about animal cruelty and abuse to donate to one of the local animal hospitals.
‰ Brianna Ross: Teenaged and young adult premarital sex. I made a brochure about the effects of teenaged and young adult premarital sex to share with students at SHS.
‰ Danielle Sinclair: The effect of cancer treatment on children and their families. I made a toy delivery to Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital in conjunction with Joey's Toy Box.                                 
‰ Julie Stalcup: Gender inequality in mathematics. I taught a fun math lesson to a group of 2nd/3rd graders and two groups of 4th/5th graders.
‰ Julius Tremble: The mentality of competition. I created a board game to measure the level of competition among game participants.
‰ Amanda Lipsey: The effects of bullying on teenagers. I spoke about my research at a student/parent meeting at WJMS and I created brochures with facts about bullying.

     Seniors at Statesboro High are required to take on a community service project during their final year. Statesboro Herald contributor Roger Allen worked with the school to gather information on the senior projects completed in the spring. Each student submitted a short description of his or her project for publication.

     Many seniors completed their projects in the fall, but that information could not be gathered in time for printing. Allen also looked more closely at three of the projects.



 Roquelle Gamble: Joseph’s Home

    Senior Roquell Gamble chose to hold a banquet in the Statesboro High School cafeteria to raise funds for Joseph’s Home For Boys in Statesboro. The dinner was held May 12 and all donations went to the home.
    Joseph’s Home is a long-term group home for boys 6 through 21 years of age. Roquell first learned about Joseph’s Home for Boys through his long friendship with University of Georgia football player DeAngelo Tyson, who is an SHS graduate.
    He said Tyson has been a role model to him and many of his friends. Tyson was a resident of Joseph’s Home from when he was 12 to his graduation from Statesboro in 2008. When Gamble told Tyson about his plans, and why he had chosen to raise money for Joseph’s Home, Tyson asked what he could do to help.
    Tyson agreed to be the banquet’s keynote speaker.
    Aided by Cindy Hart, the Home Economics/Culinary Arts teacher at SHS, Gamble prepared a meal of chicken with pasta, a salad and a dinner roll for about 600 guests.
    To help get donations, Gamble distributed flyers around town and to all of the area churches and schools.

Caroline Henderson: Arts education

    Senior Caroline Henderson’s “project involved organizing and then performing a concert that used all forms of the arts in an effort to explain the benefits of a collaborative arts education. It was held May 12 at the Foy Art Building on the campus of Georgia Southern.
    Henderson is a flutist who performs with the SHS Wind Ensemble, the Woodwind Quartet and the Armstrong Atlantic Youth Orchestra. For her project, however, she enlisted the aid of a number of other types of artists.
     The 4th Block Art Class created a variety of art especially for Henderson’s performance. In each piece, at least two different forms of art were used.
    Tara Dunn read her poem “Be Grac,” while a slideshow of ceramic art created especially for the poem by the Ceramics class was shown.
    Jessie Mooney read a monologue from “Peter Pan,” while music especially chosen for the reading was played. Finally, Jeffrey Corley read a poem with the accompaniment of SHS Brass Quintet player David Floyd on the congas.
    All of the actual art pieces displayed in the slideshows are on display in the Foy lobby.

Colton Rollins: Animal shelter

    Senior Colton Rollins’ project took months to complete. The focus was on adopting abandoned animals instead of buying pets that were raised by “Puppy Mills.” Rollins has three dogs – Rascal, Oakley and Penny – and a kitten, Luna, of his own, and loves animals.
    For his project, he first interviewed county officials about just how bad a problem the county has with abandoned animals. He spoke with Ted Wynn, public safety director in Bulloch County, and then Joey Sanders, animal control supervisor and humane enforcement officer of the Bulloch County Animal Shelter.
    What he learned he said shocked him: Animal Shelter rescues some 70-80 dogs and cats weekly. Rollins has volunteered at the shelter for a while now; giving his Wednesday and Thursday afternoons to perform whatever chores need to be done.
    Rollins collected all sorts of pamphlets and brochures from national organizations, such as the ASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States.
    Rollins said he hopes to make the public aware of all of the wonderful pets that can be adopted at the animal shelter, and put puppy mills out of business.

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