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City swears in Sue Starling as new city clerk
WEST Cindy 090308
Cindy West - photo by Herald Photo
    Statesboro welcomed new City Clerk Sue Starling as Probate Judge Lee DeLoach swore her in at Wednesday’s city council meeting.
    Starling has been in Statesboro all her life and is a 19-year veteran of the city, having worked in numerous departments. Her most recent position was that of customer service supervisor, overseeing utilities billing and cashiers, which she will continue as she learns the duties of city clerk. She said she hopes to bring that customer service attitude to the clerk position.
    “I’m looking forward to doing something more with the city. I’ve been here 19 years and I’m looking forward to another 19 years,” Starling said. “I hope we have a positive attitude and go forward and continue to make things better (at the city).”
    Cindy West is another new department head at the city and will be taking over as director of finance. She worked in the finance department for a number of years before being promoted to director.
    “Cindy is an employee that has been working in the finance department for some time now and she has exhibited a great ability, so it was a natural progression for her,” said City Manager Shayne Haynes. “We’re very happy to have an employee like Cindy, with her financial capabilities, to step into that very important role.”
    “The same goes for Sue Starling. Sue was over customer service for a number of years with the city and has had a lot of interaction with the public in general,” Haynes said. “She’s received a lot of training as city clerk in the past and will be staring that again.
    “Both of the employees have characteristics and qualities to fill those roles and have eagerly stepped up to meet those challenges.”
    Mayor Bill Hatcher said, “I think we’ve got good people in place and I’m hopeful it will work good for us.”
    Haynes will be handling the responsibilities of director of administration, previously handled by former city clerk and director of finance and administration, Judy McCorkle. Haynes and Hatcher both said since another election is more than a year away, they have not yet decided whether to appoint someone to supervisor of election or if the city will contract with the country to handle the city elections.