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Bulloch completes Trump-requested second recount

Bulloch County poll workers and elections staff completed the county’s part in the machine-scanned recount of the presidential race Wednesday afternoon, more than a week before the midnight Dec. 2 deadline.

The results were exactly the same as in the state-ordered “audit,” in effect a hand recount, completed the previous week, Bulloch County Election Supervisor Pat Lanier Jones announced in a Wednesday email.

So again, the final counts from Bulloch County were 18,387 votes for current President Donald J. Trump, or almost 61.1%, to 11,248 votes for President-elect Joseph R. Biden, or almost 37.4%, and 455 votes for Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen, or 1.5% of the local total.

State-qualified write-in presidential candidates received 19 Bulloch County votes, including 13 for Howie Hawkins, four for Brian Carroll, one for Mark Charles and one for Gloria La Riva. Another 67 local write-in votes were counted as “unresolved” since they named people who had not qualified or in some cases may not exist.

After the hand count was completed the week of Nov. 20, Trump, who trailed Biden by about 0.25% of Georgia’s total votes, requested the machine count, as provided under Georgia law to a candidate who comes in second by less than half a percentage point.

Both efforts re-examined the paper printouts from Georgia’s new touchscreen multi-device voting system, as well as the hand-marked absentee ballots.

As reported last week, Trump had picked up one vote and Biden five votes in Bulloch County during the hand recount, in comparison to the original Nov. 3 election night machine-scanned count. Jones and her poll workers attributed this to hand-marked absentee ballots sticking together and then kept the ballots carefully separated for the scanner recount.

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