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Diane Miller - Information about familys history could prove useful
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    Do our children know our family history? Families who are resilient and function well have a sense of connection to the past. Our history provides roots and a sense of belonging that we all need to feel secure and to have an understanding of who we are.
    Family history helps us identify common values, goals, interests and enables us to recognize and respect our differences and individuality. Learning about past events even if they seemed insignificant at the time may reveal how lives have been changed and how the family is impacted today.
    When families value their heritage communication increases, family members spend more time together and self-assurance is developed in children. Families share something unique and here are some ways to keep the history alive:
    - Tell favorite family stories
    - Relate important family events
    - Trace family members who have moved away
    - Make and keep family traditions
    - Remember and celebrate family birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births, and graduations
    - Work on and share your family tree
    - Keep family medical and legal records organized and handy
    - Encourage members to keep individual journals, maybe a family journal
    - Try a family newsletter, emails, conference calls
    - Host and attend family reunions or gatherings
    - Spend time with your photo albums; learn the craft of scrap booking
    In addition to being fun, remember family history provides a sense of roots, a sense of belonging, a support system, a sense of inherited traits, history of health/medical risks and our legacy.

    For more information on healthy family functioning, contact Diane at (912) 871-0505, or
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