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Diane Miller - Benefits of vitamin B12
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    Vitamin B12 aids in forming red blood cells and in building genetic material. It also helps in the functioning of the nervous system and in metabolizing protein and fat in the body.
    Vitamin B12 is required to convert the B vitamin folate to its active form. Thus inadequate supplies of B12 can contribute to a form of anemia.
    Vitamin B12 is unique in that is found only in meat and meat products. This includes eggs, milk and cheese. The plant source that contains B12 is vitamin B12 fortified soy milk.
    Lacto and/or ovo vegetarians should pay close attention to their intake of B12. Strict vegetarians may need a supplement.
    Some vitamin B12 can be lost from foods during cooking with liquids. Suggested methods to retain the vitamin include roasting and broiling meat.
    While microwaving has been a good cooking method for retaining other B vitamins, this is not the case with B12. Microwaves inactivate B12.
    The B vitamin complex is just that a combination of vitamins that work in concert with each other.
    Eating a wide variety of foods from each of the food groups will generally supply the B vitamins in adequate amounts.
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