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Professor Profile
Tiffanie Townsend
W Tiffanie Townsend
Tiffanie Townsend - photo by QUANIQUA EPPS/contributor

    Students at Georgia Southern University rave about having Tiffanie Townsend as a professor because she is passionate about what she does and encourages students to do their best.
    Townsend was born in Atlanta but calls Nashville, Tenn., home. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.
    “I had gone to a small high school, and then going to the University of Tennessee, where there were, like, 30,000 students — it was quite a change, but it was nice,” she said. “One of those things were, I was three hours away from home, which was close enough to come home and do laundry but far enough away to where my parents were not dropping in every 30 seconds, so I got to feel like I was independent for a little while.”
    Townsend is approaching her tenth year as a professor year at GSU, and she says she has enjoyed every minute of it.
    “What I like most about being a professor is teaching, and I love the opportunity to do with those students what happened to me — having them walk into a classroom thinking this subject is dull and finding it to be rich, exciting and interesting and something that can open their eyes to the whole world,” she said. “I like the atmosphere here. I am one of those lucky people who gets paid to do what I would want to do for free. It’s a great profession.”
    Townsend says that apart from the curriculum of her courses, she aspires to show students that the world is theirs for the taking.
    “There is a feeling for a lot of people, in general, that art is not for them, that art is for somebody else, that it’s for people who have money, or it’s for people that have some kind of understanding that they were born with or that they were taught early on, that it’s inaccessible to anyone else, but it’s absolutely not true. It’s not just that art is for everyone, but travel and also cultural experiences are as well.”

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