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Bulloch History with Roger Allen: Hagin's Toll Bridge connects Effingham, Screven
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Roger Allen

Note: The following is part of a series of columns looking at points of interest throughout the history of Bulloch County.


Hagin's Toll Bridge

This bridge crossed the Ogeechee River at the Effingham and Screven County lines. There was already a ferry in place here being operated by the Nelson family when Walter Allen Hagin bought some land nearby. He first began running his own ferry service across the Ogeechee River and then bought the Nelsons' operation. He quickly built a bridge. A granddaughter of Burkhalter's later married into the Hagin family. 

The Hagin family operated the bridge until 1901, when Screven and Bulloch counties purchased the bridge.


Donaldson's Ferry

For years, Donaldson’s Ferry was one of the few places you could cross the Great Ogeechee River along the eastern border of Bulloch County. In 1873, John Gideon Blitch purchased the right-of-way to lands on both sides of the Ogeechee River: that in Screven County from George C. Burns; and that in Bulloch County from Mathew Donaldson. He then built Blitch's Toll Bridge, which then replaced Donaldson's Ferry.


Durkee's Toll Bridge

Operated by a man named Durkee, it was located on the Ogeechee River and was later sold to a man named Ray, who operated it from that time.


Edward's Ferry

According to at least one 1821 document, this ferry was established on land purchased from the O'Neal family, who may have themselves operated a ferry here. It was located on the “Canoochie River” just north of Bull Creek. There may also have been a bridge built at this location at some time.


Flat Ford Bridge

The bridge was built across the waters at the junction of Ironmongers Creek in Effingham County and the Ogeechee River. This was part of a land grant given to William Denmark in 1791, who named the creek after the one his family had lived alongside in the Carolinas. A town was located here briefly, in which there was a post office, whose postmaster here was Benjamin Simmons. 


Foy Toll Bridge

This bridge was built across the Ogeechee River by E.E. Foy, who operated it as a Toll Bridge that allowed Bulloch Countians to get across the Ogeechee River to the town of Egypt.


Gun and Hampton's Toll Bridge

Established by 1790, according to documents of the period, it was located on the Ogeechee River and was purchased in 1806 by a Mr. Hall, who operated it from that time.


Roger Allen is a local lover of history. Allen provides a brief look each week at the area's past. E-mail Roger at

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