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Trash and tricks; Environmental friendly magician entertains kids at Mill Creek
Eco Steve
Eco-magician Steve Trash, in middle with big hat, sits with a bunch of happy students at Mill Creek Elementary Thursday after his show at the school. - photo by NAOMI BRYANT/staff
Cheers and laughter echoed off the walls of Mill Creek Elementary School Thursday as magician Steve Trash performed his eccentric and eco-friendly one-man routine.
    With flashy props, a recycled costume, and a rockin’ soundtrack, Trash taught students to reuse natural resources, identify recyclable items, and prevent littering. The hour-long show served as a reward for Mill Creek Elementary, which currently recycles more than any other school in the county.
    “We always find a way to reward students who excel in environmental learning,” said Brooke Carney, director of Keep Bulloch Beautiful, the organization which paid for and sponsored the show, “I wish every Bulloch County resident recycled as much as these kids.”
    Mill Creek’s recycling program has been so successful that all other Bulloch County schools intend to adopt ones like it.
    Trash's enthusiasm and energy matched that of students, Trash executed mind-boggling tricks, but the show had a twist: It encouraged kids to take care of their environment.
    Since he began doing magic tricks as a child, Trash has become a renowned performer and activist. He finds objects that people have throw away and creates a routine to go with them, promoting recycling and environmental responsibility.
    “The one permanent objective in all Steve Trash shows is to inspire children to take action, even small action, with their environment,” said Trash, “I’m teaching these kids in a subtle way that transcends all politics to value the environment and work with nature instead of against it.”
    For students, who finish school today, the show was an enjoyable way to conclude the year.
    “It was really cool and funny,” said third-grader Deborah Dudley, “He can do good magic tricks.”
    Magic tricks weren’t all that students noticed: many seemed to take Trash’s environmental message to heart.
    “He taught me that trash can make fun things,” said Alyssa Lafleur, a third grader.
    Teachers felt that Trash’s show was entertaining, and highlighted lessons that they’ve been teaching their students all year.
    “He showed the students a very good way to reuse materials, and reinforced what we try to teach in the classroom: reduce, reuse, and recycle,” said Lynnie Brooke Morris, a third grade teacher at Mill Creek.
    The lessons that students took from Trash’s energetic and entertaining performance will hopefully be put to use over the summer in order to really keep Bulloch beautiful. For a show full of tricks, Trash proved that there’s no magic involved in saving the environment.
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