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May 9 - Practically everything we buy in America is made overseas in foreign countries. If you wanna
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

Practically everything we buy in America is made overseas in foreign countries. If you wanna create more jobs here in America, start makin' the stuff in America and givin' our people the jobs. Seventy percent of Americans ... are in favor or the Arizona immigration law. It's time we took our country back.

Union fat cats are tryin' to rip Wall Street and blame them for millions of jobs lost. It's not the union ... workers. It's the union fat cat leaders ... that are the problem. How many jobs have they forced out of this country?

Well, the city beat writer ... Phil. They oughtta call that show Un ... instead of UnPhiltered, they oughtta call it The Will Britt Show". Guess what people? Your water and sewer fees are gonna go up 5 percent. It's already in the assumptions. The tax increase that they wanna try to avoid, it's already in the assumptions. You're getting a tax increase.

I believe teachers should be paid on a commission basis. You do your job, you get paid. It seems the closer to the end of the school year gets, the slacker the teachers get. Kids are told to check the web site daily for assignments, but they are never updated. My daughter asked me today why they ran track in biology class. What's up with that?

A majority of the ... terrorist attacks no doubt are definitely ... connected ... to Pakistan ... and the Muslim religion. Definitely! Look at the facts. It's not peaceful but evil

I'm callin' today to remind everyone about our very own radio talk show. ... It's at 1240 ... AM ... and it's ... Phil Boyum. He does a good job. He interviews ... right now he's interviewing ... people who are runnin' for office. ... Phil asked a lotta good questions and I've ... learned a lot ... just by listening him everyday. ... Just to let you know, we got our own talk show.

You wanna get control of illegal immigration? You want to stop the illegals from comin' over here? It's very simple. Stop givin' them all the free welfare that they're getting. That's right. Cut out the welfare. No freebies. We're takin' jobs from Americans and givin' to 'em. ... We're also givin' 'em all the health care ... Social Security benefits and everything else. Stop it and they'll stop comin over here.

The president, capital p, said that illegals would not be able to qualify for medical coverage under his health care plan. But he has fixed that. He's going to make them all legal first.

I just want to say ... I knew that the county was just ... patched the ... the much-needed pot holes on Lakeview and North Main Street. But maybe they could've done a little bit better. But, hmm, what do I know? ... I'm just a little 'ol pothole.

This is to all you morons who drive pickup trucks that don't wear your seat belts and apparently don't understand physics: go ahead. Keep up. Don't wear your seat belts. Undertakers need to eat, too.

Good afternoon, Soundoff. It's Wednesday ... 5 in the afternoon. It's a hot, sunny day and I'm on the side of the road ... waitin' for my flat tire to be changed. ... I just wanted everyone to know that I appreciate your help. ... I had a flat tire around 4:30 ... and by 4:40 ... five different vehicles ... including motorcycle had stopped for assistance. I appreciate this. ... Have a good day.

... After all the moanin' and groanin' I've heard ... people complainin' about ... the renovation of downtown, I hafta say it's turned out great. ... It looks really beautiful down there.


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