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May 22 - Just wanted to salute the teachers at Southeast Bulloch Middle and High School the whol
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Just wanted to salute the teachers at Southeast Bulloch ... Middle and High School ... the whole Brooklet district. Just attended the awards ceremony ... last night. It's incredible the talent that's coming out of ... our school system. ... Keep up the good work.

With the State Supreme Court's ruling against charter schools ... it's no wonder Georger is 48th in the country in education. ... This schools ... charter schools are out-performing traditional ... schools ... and they try to get rid of 'em. ... What is going on in this state? I ... is everyone an idiot?

Talkin' about Bush ... hidin' in a bunker ... durin' ... after 9/11 attacks ... at least he served in the military or in the national Guard. Obama, the only thing he did was protest. ... Wow! What a great president. He wouldn't even be in the military. You know why? Because he doesn't ... have the courage to do anything like that.

Friday night ... the lil' windstorm blew a great big tree down at the end of ... Hummingbird Circle. ... The city workers were down here in just a little while and ... cleared the roadway. ... Yesterday, the city workers were back and they did a great job ... cleaning up the ... remains of the tree. ... Wanted to compliment 'em.

... This is for the person who called in on Soundoff ... giving credit ... for the capture and killin' of Osama bin Laden to everybody in the Bush's admin ... I mean ... in the Obama administration ... except Obama himself. ... Now, when are you people gonna give up on this myth ... that black people can't govern, coach, play quarterback, play golf? ... We've already proven that that's a myth and we gonna ... broke every barrier out there. ... So, give it up and get a life!

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