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January 12 - I would like to know how city hall can ... give people bonuses ... in their offices and
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"I would like to know how city hall can ... give people bonuses ... in their offices and then lay employees off and make city workers furlough. ... And blame it all on the budget ... when they're still gettin' taxes paid. ... So, how 'bout threaten that in Soundoff, please?"

"If these Republicans keep on stretchin' the story ... the 'mer ... 'merican Medical Association will have no doctor members at all. ... Have a nice day."

"I'm respondin' to what they said in the newspaper about Obama and Bush. They need to reflect on the problems, not it's basically no one's problems. You can't keep blamin' everybody for your problems. Okay. Bush had some problems, too, but at the same time, Obama does, too. So instead of ... you blamin' everybody for your problems, black and white, just fix the freakin' problem."

"I am sick and tired of ... The Family Circus being left ... unfinished. You give us two lines and if there's a third one, it just quits. I know it's a computer thing, but could you please see about gettin' the computer thing fixed?"

"I'm callin' about ... the constant bickering in the newspaper about ... Obama bein' in office. ... Obama is in office. He is our president. It's time that we all accept this and commend him and thank him for what he is doin'. He has ... big shoes to fill. ... And I think he's doin' a good job."


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