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Time to pull together to make real change
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      That our country and her people are in the worst recession in over 65 years is very real to most of us. The number of Americans out of work or working well below their potential approaches 20% in many areas of the country, including South Georgia.
      We have a marvelous Constitution that can, if used as it was meant to, bring us out of this mess. However, many of our “leaders” are incompetent and so absorbed with their own self-worth that they want us to kowtow to their leadership. It only takes a look at the two men who are running for the Georgia governor’s office to realize that We the People can’t even choose men and women with real character. Both are flawed and – from what I have read in newspapers and reputable online sites – have major personal and legal issues that may cause our next state leader to be convicted while in office. We should have done better.
      I certainly do not pretend to have an answer to our nation’s problems; however, I do think that we can make certain very specific and factual statements of what must occur if America is to continue to be the greatest nation on earth.
      There must be an immediate change in the attitudes that the current administration has. Money is not worth much if there is nothing to back it up. That is the situation we are now in. Our debt to GDP ratio is 97.27% to 100%. This data is available at  The only time it was higher was during the end of WWII. Just three years ago, the ratio was 69.15% to 100%. A 28% increase in just three years is simply not sustainable. This isn’t an “us verses them” letter. I ask that everyone who reads this letter take the time to look at the evidence for yourself. It requires a bit of work, but taking a few hours to find out the truth is worth the time.
      Our government must stop spending; increase the tariffs from China, and other enemies of America. That we are in a “forever war” is almost certain. The danger of Islamic zealots and cyber attacks from China and other countries that use computers to attack us daily (Boston Globe: August 20, 2010) are so rampant that our government has warned us about the frequency of the attacks.
      Recession, a war that has no end, global disruption of trade, unfair trade practices, and leaders that don’t have America’s best interests at heart are all parts of a larger problem that points to a total lack of morality. If we look back to when this occurred in our country, I see it begin when America removed God from the classroom in the 1960s. When a country lacks a moral fiber to make decisions and leaders make comments such as “the Constitution means what we say it means”, there is a real problem. The far left and the far right both are a danger to the real American values that most Americans want but are unsure how to return to them. We the People MUST take a stand and seek out decent and honest men and women who are willing to take off time from their jobs to spend a few years in Washington D. C. and then return to their homes.
      No one should go to the state house or to Washington, D. C., and be a “permanent” representative of We the People. It is our duty to retake America back from those that have assumed the mantel of “permanent member of the U.S. government. Please take the time to search out the truth and become wise in the ways of those who are our elected representatives. Our future depends on it.
Tom Grovenstein

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