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The only way to effect change in District 12 is a vote for Carl Smith
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      We swore, we would “Remember in November,” more importantly now, however, I feel we must prove our words with “Action in August.”
      Apathy has had a grip on the majority of the American voter for years. So many of us have watched the news shows from our recliners and screamed at our TVs: “Are you kidding me?”
      While the majority of voters did their due diligence and went to the polls, I’ve learned this election year, voters are still casting their votes without knowing all, or even one of the candidates positions on what have become the most important issues in front of us in decades!
      Thanks to the awakening of the silent majority by the growth of the TEA party movement, the majority of us who had once been apathetic in our candidate and issue knowledge are now more in tune than ever and actually discussing candidate policies, ethics, and issues with those around us via tools such as Facebook and Twitter.
      Due to the increased awareness of what is happening in Washington, DC, I was well aware of the happenings regarding HR:3200, the House version of the health care bill in September 2009, voted on Dec. 23, and subsequently followed the Senate version of the bill all the way to Washington on March 16. One candidate joined me and three others on a trip to the “Code Red: Kill the Bill” rally in Washington.”
      Jack Kingston, Michelle Bachman, and even Joe Wilson joined with over 40,000 fellow Americans, including Congressional Candidate Carl Smith, in making a stand against the Senate health care bill. No other candidate currently running for any position in the state of Georgia can say they were “Feet on the Street,” actively battling the Obamacare monstrosity.
      Actually, two weeks after the bill passed the Senate, Carl Smith’s Republican competitor stated on the record in an interview posted online at Savannah Now, “there are a lot of good things in it.” (Reference, March 30th, Savannah Morning News)
      I was floored. That type of sentiment is not congruent with the current feelings of this District’s voters. Overwhelmingly, we demand this bill be replaced or repealed and will accept nothing short of complete de-funding.
      This is where I feel Carl Smith has the edge against Ray McKinney to oppose John Barrow in the fall.
      Carl Smith is not only against Obamacare, but also has a plan to reform the broken system. He has told me personally and also stated publically "There is no ambiguity in where I stand on the government takeover of the American health care system.  I am opposed to every period, sentence, and paragraph as it relates to the health care that was passed. If elected, I will support legislation that will not deny coverage for people and their children who have a pre-existing condition; will remove the artificial barriers to purchasing health insurance across state lines; will give people the ability to transfer insurance polices if they change employment; and create a national pool based on the current Federal Employees Health Care System."
      Tuesday, is the GOP runoff election and will determine several offices in this state; I can't emphasize strongly enough the importance of this vote.
      I’ve heard voter turnout to runoffs is typically low. I would hope that is not the case this year. The energized and involved citizens of this district, while busy with school starting and mortgage payments, are still concerned about the huge burden of debt that has been forced on this country and our children, and for that reason alone, I know several have already early voted, and intend to vote in the runoff election on Tuesday.
      I feel as an active citizen in the 12th District, the only way we can affect real change against this federal takeover of our health and liberties is to vote for is Carl Smith.
Heather Merritt

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