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Reader: Gas prices are not as high as you think they are
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Gas has gone up to $3.68, but that is the same as 1981's inflation-adjusted $1.41.

No change over 34 years while driving is much safer if you look at traffic fatalities in both years. Four dollars a gallon in 2008 can only be compared with inflation-adjusted $4.40 in 2014 - not even close to today's prices in Statesboro. And most folks don't pay the average price. They use Gas Buddy to get a deal.

With the federal highway fund running out of money, who benefits from a misperception that gasoline prices are extremely high? Not teens. More teens are alive when gasoline prices go up as it blocks them from purchasing gasoline.

Raising the federal gasoline tax to do badly needed road repair is a family first policy and deserves the bipartisan support it appears to finally be getting.

And, yes, this is a tax increase, so let's not hide that by calling it a "fee" for fear of tea party reaction.

Greg Brock


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