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Herald: Thanks for informing and educating!
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      After reading the Statesboro Herald the first Sunday in February, I was reminded of anticipating what would happen in the comic strips when I was a teenager. I anxiously waited to read "Dick Tracy," The Phantom" and other comic strips each week.
      The Herald rekindled this eagerness in me during its features during the celebration of Black History Month. The first article depicting the life of Dr. Harvey Van Buren revealed interesting knowledge and history about a man who had an enormous impact in medicine in the community. Apparently, he was a pioneer in the history of Negro doctors during his time.
     The second week gave a thumbnail sketch of Eldridge Cone of Portal, who was instrumental in the education of black children in the Portal area.
      The third week was focused on the Campbells of Brooklet, who contributed much to the Brooklet Community.
     Lastly, there was Luetta Moore, a recreation pioneer and leader in Statesboro. Needless to say, I was impressed with their accomplishments and dedication to their communities.
    However, I was more elated that all the articles were written by high school students from Portal High, Southeast Bulloch High and Statesboro High schools. Commendations are offered to these students for their contributions to the knowledge and enlightenment of our community.
     The Statesboro Herald deserves special accolades for having the insight and willingness to publish the writings of the students. Not only does the effort by the Herald reflect a continuing commitment to inform but to educate its readers.
      The month of February indicates that the Herald is not simply interested in providing news of state, national and international events, but information about local people and events are equally important. "Thank you, Herald, for your commitment to your local readers and our Bulloch County community."
Dr. Charles W. Bonds


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