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Great progress to be made for our country if we stand firm on the principles that built it
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      I read a letter to the editor in last Sunday’s Statesboro Herald that I disagree with.
      It seems Statesboro resident Robert DeWester decided to educate us on socialism … by his definition.  After reading, I decided I needed to write my own.
      You see Mr. DeWester, a vast majority of citizens have decided to educate themselves, so we don’t need your twisted version of socialism. We are doing this by going back to the original texts regarding the history of this country. We no longer rely on professors or textbooks, which have been skewed and twisted over the generations in order to reshape the thinking of our children and of America.
      What I see now is an awakening of America to restore this country to the principles that have made it the great country it is.
      I won’t argue there are things in our country that desperately need change – one being our government! But to try and paint socialism as an “good thing” is almost treasonous. Yes Mr. DeWester, most people do not support the health care bill in its “original form.”  That part of the statement seems to get left out repeatedly. I find it almost laughable that Congress managed to mess up their own health care coverage by not reading the bill before voting on it. You see, not even they want what they are trying to give us!
      The will of the people most definitely should be expressed through elected representatives, however, this has not been the case for decades. So, the will of the people will be expressed by their vote in November.
      I don’t see how you can say “nobody seems to say that the way we have been doing health care is okay.” We have the finest health care in the world! It’s not the health care itself that is at issue. It’s not the doctors or the nurses. It’s the way we cover people that needs to be addressed.
      It’s actually incorrectly titled. That alone should give indication that there is a problem. It really ought to be referred to as “Health Care Coverage Reform.” We can start making changes to create almost immediate results, and for almost no cost,  by instituting tort reform and allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines. It is fact that supply and demand, a staple of the free market, creates competition and often lowers prices. When there is too much demand and no competition, the price goes up.
      This is not a perfect world, and there will always be people who can’t afford health insurance or those who don’t want to spend money on it. If people choose, it should be theirs to make in a free world. For those who can’t afford it, we need programs like Medicaid or Medicare. But even those programs have been abused and need overhaul. They need to be kept small.
      Socialism – by real definition - allows far too much government control, and opens the door for dictatorship. FDR is a perfect example … thank you for alluding to him. He’s the reason term limits were instituted for presidents. Congress was quoted as saying, “that was a close one.” Socialism takes away many rights given to us by our own Constitution … one of which allows you to voice your opinion in this type of forum. It also jeopardizes states rights; a vital part of the Constitution.
      I don’t support giving free health care to immigrants who came here illegally. I do support immigrants having the opportunity to seek the American Dream … if they do it legally.
      We can twist the idea of what socialism is by trying to tie in things like school speed limits and motorcycle helmets. Utterly ridiculous!
      The word “socialism” isn’t thrown around to be heard as demonic. It is stated as fact, and as a wake up call to Americans. We have gotten so far away from  the principles that made this country the greatest on the planet. It has taken generations to get us this far away from it, and this administration is now taking us there faster and more irresponsibly than any other administration.
      No illusions here Mr. DeWester. I’m looking at the reality of this world and what is going on. I’m going back to some of the good, untwisted history I was thankfully taught as a young girl by people who respected the Constitution and the people who founded it.
      There is great progress to be made for our country if we stand firm on the principles that built it. 
      The majority of the people who are speaking out right now are tired of the lies they’ve been told by this and other administrations. These are people who care about every citizen in this country. They know that in the long run, these bills, these tactics, and the underlying agenda, will not serve anyone in this country well.
      No one … except of course, the government. Oh yes ... we can allow ourselves to be deceived ... and we have ...  for way too long now. But America is waking up, and re-educating themselves. They won’t be deceived any longer.
      This is no longer a party issue, it’s not a racial issue ... it’s an American issue. United we stand, divided we fall. It is time for all Americans to stand together, all creeds, all religions, all colors, all people, and be a United Republic; which is what we are. I’d prefer to read Thomas Jefferson or Martin Luther King any day to reading Robert Putnam.
      It’s time to clean up our government and hold those accountable in the highest offices in our land. That is our right.
Susan Sneathen

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