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Christian faith in God is why we have prospered as a nation
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       We have ranted, we have raved, we have complained. Talk is so cheap. For quite some time the average American has voiced concern about the ACLU erroneously and successfully removing God from our God-based country, yet most of us haven’t done anything about it. We understand the danger of it and we have witnessed the dreadful results of it. The consequences of the moral decline of our country are evident in every state. How and why have they, the ACLU, been so successful?
       Surely we must be misinterpreting something in our Constitution. Perhaps the Constitution actually does forbid prayer or the mention of God within government. However, my research and understanding of the religion component of the First Amendment plainly states only that:
       "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"
       The very first prayer which was offered to Congress was done so in 1791. What? A prayer on the floor of Congress! How could that be without mentioning God's name? Surely if congress can pray, so can our school children. Whatever liberal interpretations came after the enactment of this Amendment in Dec. of 1791, the signers of this document were quite clear about their intentions. If each of us cared enough to take the time to read the papers and discussions of the wise, Christian men who signed the Constitution, there would be no doubt as to their intent. They worked on and discussed the Constitution for four years before ratifying it. And they got it right because their hearts were in the right place.
       Why is it that the majority of non-politicians or non-judiciary citizens are aware of the decline of our country? Why is it that they can comprehend where a country without morals will end and do nothing to stop the ACLU? Remember Rome, remember Israel. Ours is the longest ongoing constitutional republic in the world. That Constitution was based on a faith in "God." Don't you agree that alone is why this country has prospered when others have failed? Why then, has our government allowed that name to be so vilified?
Carolyn Ford

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